Any 811S HS0R experiences yet?

Since i own a 811S i´d like to know if the new FW is worth being upgraded to. Any experiences and KProbe results would be nice. Thanks :wink:

You could start to run some test by yourself, couldn’t you?
Putting the new firmware on your drive won’t make it explode, at least I suppose so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, i know and i think i gonna upgrade it tomorrow. The thing is that my 811S has a strange reading behaviour (many high error spikes in KProbe) which won´t let me see if the firmware got any better or worse. So i just need somebody to tell me if the firmware is good or not.

I have a 401S and a 411S but I haven’t done any writing with the HS0R firmware though both I updated to HS0R a while ago.

I am definately not impressed with HS0R atm, but my drive is a 411S@811S so YMMV compared to a real 811S.

I burned 3 +RW`s with 811s hsor to run it in scaned the last one and it was ok.

Then i used a couple of datasafe ritek r03`s burned @4X both had huge errors towards the end of the disc.

Well thats as much testing as your going to get out of me its back to trusty old hsop.

So not a great fw at all… think i gonna go back to old HS0K. Thanks so far.

Does HS0R finally allow the 811 to read DVD+R DL (+R9) media ?

I burnt all my (hehe only 4 atm) DVD+R DL with booktype DVD-ROM. My LiteOn 811 HS0Q does read them. Maybe it won’t if i don’t change booktype, but then my DVD Player might not read it, too - this test would be too expensive atm :slight_smile:

After owning a 411S and burning hundreds of -Rs at 2X - mostly Princos - with reasonable success, I found that I could never burn at 4X and never got a +R to burn at any speed. In frustration with worsening burns with Ritex G04s and rapidly changing batch numbers, I Zebra modded to 811S and installed HSOR.
I imediately got 4x to work on G04s and got 8x working perfectly on TDK +Rs (Ricohs). Kprobe scans did not always correlate with actual read quality on four different players, all of which were totally glitch free.
Some G04s were a little hesitant towards the end on 4X burns, but when I tried at 8X (twice rated speed) they worked perfectly. 2X did not work at all.
Suddenly with HSOR @811 my burner is reborn and works amazingly at 8X on cheapest media +R or -R.
In the end I do not really know if it was Zebra’s mod, or HSOR, or both, which has to take the credit, but I now have a real burner.
So don’t give up without trying higher speeds rather than lower.

origonaly posted by sword.

Some G04s were a little hesitant towards the end on 4X burns, but when I tried at 8X (twice rated speed) they worked perfectly. 2X did not work at all.
Suddenly with HSOR @811 my burner is reborn and works amazingly at 8X on cheapest media +R or -R.

8X plus R yes but 8X minus R ???

glad to see your burner is working now

Yes, consistant 8X burns on -R 4X rated media that I was about to give up on due to inconsistancy @4X. Last 10% of burn still worse but not a problem.

so 8X -R is possible on a 811s?

i`ve always read that this is not possible only +R @8X when i put a vebatim -R 8X certied dvd identifer reports 8X not detectord.

Yup, not only possible but works better than slower speeds.
I’m just as amazed as you are.
Perhaps Liteon has finally addressed the -R problem, but the changelog does not indicate any changes in this upgrade, so at the moment I can only assume that the Zebra mod is the most probable culprit.
It is also interesting to note that I bought my 411S with a friend who also bought one at the same time from the same vendor. He could always burn 4X +R whereas I could not. I assumed I got the dud, but now it appears that there is more to it.

sword and Acko

Would you care to put some Kropbe scans of successful burns here ?

Thanks a lot !

No, not to my knowledge. :rolleyes:
Some time ago one of our members posted scans of DVD-R´s (-) claimed to be burnt at 6X. This was never confirmed though… :wink:

@Sword, could you show us a “datadisc” I[/I] created in Nero CD/DVD Speed burned at 8.

Originally by Sword
Suddenly with HSOR @811 my burner is reborn and works amazingly at 8X on cheapest media +R or -R.


Is their any chance the code gods could mod HSOR so we can use Omnipatcher with it.

Please :iagree:

@sapa read posts again, no 8X -R burns from me :slight_smile:

You can “backup” your HS0R with Firmware Flash Tool. Run that binary in Omnipatcher and tweak your firmware to your needs! :smiley:

Yes will try to tomorrow (if I can figure how to save and post them), but I have discovered that some Kprobe’s that start in the 20s and end at up to 200 odd written @ 2X are worse in reality than those that start at 400 and end at 600 if written @ 8X because they are all Kprobe’d at 4X. This is all too arbitrary. I have read hundreds of posts on Kprobe and no longer believe that it is an objective and absolute test.
If written at 4X and read at 4X perhaps it is a valid comparison of scans. It certainly shows the relative strengths and weaknesses of areas of any individual scan, but is not a valid measure of whether it will read on any given player.
My 8X written -Rs can show consistant 1200 PIs read @4X and yet read perfectly on up to 6 different reader/players without any hesitation. Burns less than 20 pi can hesitate and reread occasionaly on some players, or fail to even initialize. In all cases POs are less than 10 max and well within limits so PIs are the most variable. I now believe that NERO CD/DVD SPEED is the best, albeit crude, test and these 8X -R burns do not hesitate all the way to 6X read at the end of the disk while Kprobe is showing anything up to 1200 PI read @4X.
In the final analysis 1X is the only speed that matters.
I have tested on players at 1X, 2X, 4X, 6X and 8X and cannot make the 8X -R burns hesitate for a moment, so I am now less impressed with Kprobe than with simple reading tests. Other manufacturers do not use such a test. I think it is highly sensitive to context and is more a lab test than a practical test.