Any 50pk or 100pk spindles of DVD+R DL?

I’m thinking of getting a new burner, I have an old Plextor PX-708UF and I’ve been getting a couple coasters every now and then with it.

The problem is, I’ve been looking through, NewEgg, and, and the prices for double layered discs are absolutely ridiculous.

They’re $2 a pop!

I can get a 100pk spindle of Verbatim 8x DVD+Rs for about $30. At times it’s been $25, with no tax and shipping on That comes out to around 30 cents or 25 cents per disc.

Are prices of DL discs gonna drop anytime soon? Cuz it’s just not worth it at that price.

And are there any 100pks of DVD+R DL? The most I can find anywhere is a 25pk (pathetic).

Have a look at, see what they have :slight_smile:

I couldn’t tell you for sure though, we only get them in 5-packs here (the +R DLs)!

Rima should be very good for single layer media though.

Depending on where you are, Office Max has 50PK Verbatim 16X +R for $12.99 this week. As far as DL, only use Verb so just keep checking for sales.

We can get them in 25 packs as well remember. Lots of UK-based online retailers sell them.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen 50 and 100 pack spindles of DL media though. I suspect that the 100 packs would cost in excess of £100 hence the reason why they’re not available at the moment.

Can we? Wow, you learn something new everyday :slight_smile: (edit: hang on, I just realised I have a 25-spindle of Infiniti 360 8x +R DLs sitting here…doh! :doh: )

Hehe yeah, that makes sense. Ouch! :eek: had 50pks of Memorex DL listed on their site, out of stock tho. Verbatims are the way to go though.

Well most people wont ever buy that many. Most people buy a 50pk of single layer and it last them many months.

You gotta look at it from a marketing perspective: will anyone apart from ivand67 buy 100 packs of DL media? Nope not many. So it’s not worth it.

However, if the price ever gets good, then I bet you will see plenty of them. I would use DL media but I believe the format is not as reliable and it’s also way less cost effective. The storage space and quality of movies when using them is much better though.

Where I live it costs 75 bucks for a 20 pack of verbatim. Not 25… as measly 20 pack! You are lucky if you can get verbatim for 2-3 bucks a disc :slight_smile:

5er and 10er either cased or spindles are okay, more is playing with fire. DL gets easily harmed.


Bad batch of 50 or 100 DL spindle would be a [B]true [/B] waste of money , most people would get 5 or 10 packs and if they are good they get more of them from the same place (same batch) , speaking of Verbatim of course as it is the only brand in DL worth buying

Like I said earlier, the issue with manufacturing 50 and 100 pack spindles of DL media is the price. Even if only a few of those discs turned out to be coasters, then it’s still money down the drain especially when you consider that each of them cost more than £2-3 each.

At least with SL DVD media, you can afford a few coasters here and there because they’ll only cost you around 20-30p each, which is nothing money if you ask me.

I just think that it’s not worth taking the risk in buying a huge chunk of DL media. :disagree: