Any 3520 owners worried about the 3530?

Those who have the 3500 already have a pretty decent crop of well developed firmwares from which to choose. However, my 3520 arrives tomorrow. I realize the 1.04 firmware is might green, and it seems that even the modified 1.24 firmware has a way to go. I figured that better firmware would come in time.

Now that news of the 3530 has leaked, what does that mean to me? Does it suggest that NEC has already cut bait on the 3520? Will they put their firmware development efforts into the newest model, and leave the 3520 to wilt on the vine? Did they discover some horrible hardware defect in the 3520 that necessitated a whole new revision?

Or am I worrying needlessly? I’d like to think the only difference between the 3520 and 3530 is the firmware, but something tells me no. After all, the 3500 and the 3520 share little in terms of hardware.


but whats the point, bluray is my next target, if the 1620 and the 3520 I have prove useless at DL - they should still work okay at SL, and I’ll just wait another year. After all this is computing, everything goes out of fashion pretty quickly - no point in worrying about it - learnt that a long while ago.

I just sold my 3500 and bought a 3520. On DVD+R DL burning the 3520 performed better with Ritek media, so I 'm happy with this drive.

Got to agree the Ritek DVD+R DL burning is much better with the 3520

with Verbatim costing twice the price of the Ritek the cost of the drive is quickly recovered

its like a large car its not the cost of the car that hurts its runnining it