Any 1693 scans with TYG02 media?



Looked around didn’t see any. Burner should be here Wednesday and already have a stack of TYG02’s ready to go:) Just wondering what to expect. My 832 loves the TYGO2 so I hope the 1693 is similar!


You might want to look at this thread:


Thanks, that thread didn’t have any scans last time I looked. Looks like he got a bad burner because the scans posted look great, although preferably not using cable select.


I am interested in exactly the same thing as you are. I didn’t keep track of the links, but I have seen both good and bad scans. So far it isn’t clear if the variation is the scanning, the media, or drive differences. I am hoping more people will post so a pattern imerges. I’ll be holding off until I can see. Please post when you get yours.


Will try to get some up in the next week. Burner should be here Wed or so.

I see all sorts of other media scans but to me, TYG02 is the standard for media. I won’t even mess with the other types just because it is historically so reliable.


Agreed. That is all I ever buy anymore.


what media have the TYG02 mid? fuji?

i use verbatim mcc003. bought accidentaly mcc 02rg20 last week, but they’re good, too…


Sometimes Fuji is TYG02, not sure about other brand names.

I actually buy TY unbranded from either supermediastore or rima.


i live in germany, TY media is rare here…


Verbatim is my second choice but the rebates are tiresome. Also the MCC 02RG20 tends to skew up on either end with most of my burners (errors); very annoying.


here you go:
Generic TY hub printable from Rima.


That PIE total is too high for me, nice PIF though. Thanks. Were those burned at 8X or higher.


Follow the yellow line :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Good to see you back in the Liteon scene again :). Nice burn.

When I see a scan like that (with the underrun glitch), I can sense a quality patch coming on, especially when it only produced a single PIF error :slight_smile:


Actually, I don’t intend to use the 1693 for burning, that’s the one and only disc it’s burned in the week it’s been here.

Here’s the same media burned in the LG:


That’s a very nice burn but interesting the Liteon had lower PIFs. Any chance of a second burn of the same media, in the Liteon :slight_smile:


Beautiful! That’s why I love my LG. Those totals are as good as I need.


Good, but not as good as these. :slight_smile:


OK, this is a contest huh. Well my dad can beat up your dad any day. :rolleyes: beat this PIF total.

You’re going to get me to buy a 1693 yet. I hope they don’t go on sale this weekend; I just spent my drive money on some more TY. Nice G02 scans. Yours are the ones I was referring to in the post above.


Gosh, the PIF errors are right at the end. It should have been zero. But we are drifting a bit off topic here :wink:


Well sort of, but the post are contributing to the growing rational for my purchase of a 1693 to burn G02s so we are not really that far off. Besides, he started it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be good.