Any 1640's to buy Stateside?

The title says it all. I’d really like a 1640 but have had no luck finding one here in the States. And yes I’ve Googled them and still none to be found. Anyone else have any ideas besides buying a Plextor? I know all about the 1655/1650 and the I/O Magic rebadged. Just looking for a 1640. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you looked on e-bay :Z Personally i never buy on e-bay anymore. Had bad experiences.

There are still rebadges around, like the Sony 810 and the Plextor 740, I will guarantee they are 1640s. Just have to be crossflashed with Quikees flasher.

CompUSA have the Hi-Val 168DLS and the Sony DRU-810, both of them are 1640 rebadges.

Been there, done that. No luck but thanks for the thought.

Hey alan… Ya I know about the rebadges. Was hoping to avoid them if at all possible. But it’s starting to look grim. I know that some sites in Canada and Australia still have them but I don’t know anyone down under and I’m not to sure if it would be very cost effective to have crossg pick me one up and ship here. By being in Arizona last week, I missed out on a deal at BB for the Plextor 740. After rebates, they had it for around $40.00 which I would of jumped on if here. But that was last week. Now they’re back up around $100.00 and I don’t want it that bad. Wasn’t aware of the Sony 810 being a rebadge. May have to look into that. Thanks.

@Sportfish: For about 15 minutes everyday Newegg has them and then they are sold out (out of stock) put your name on the e-mail when in stock list).

Hey alan…I’ve been looking every day for them and have not seen them listed on the egg. With out it being listed and stating out of stock, you can’t add it to your wish list. :sad: What time of day have you seen this? I’ve been looking at various times with no luck.

Fry’s have the Sony DRU810A rebadge for $79.99 - $20.00 MIR …

The egg has an option that they will e-mail you when the product is in stock.

Sportfish; Patient, patient you never know “Santa” might bring you one it is one of those new year wish. Seriously I am sure some where up there some store might have it, I will keep eye on that and let you know if run across any of them.

If there is a MicroCenter store near you, it probably will have the retail DW1640.

Not the one here in my town. :frowning:

I don’t see the 1640 online at micro center. Did you see some in store?

Yes, I saw some in the store in Duluth, GA.

Do you remember how much they were?

Sportfish; If you really badly need this drive and have no other choice I will sell mine.

I can get 1640s at Local Stores Enmasse and I have No Problem Shipping from My London Ontario Home to The US :slight_smile: so if You wish to trust me to be the intermediary for Your 1640s folks I can suggest Many Good Canadian Sites to buy them on , ( not good but usally in stock 1655 for 70 CAD) Thats 2 if Your Interested PM for my shipping address and Contact Information. ( keep in mind I am Not doing this to make profit in anyway Just assist fellow benq addicts), Seems Some of the 1640s are selling out Up here, 1655 is on fs at $70 cad with free delivery to me , then You’d pay whatever It Cost to have it shipped to u. from there that sales good till 1/2/06 69 is the going cad price for these 1655s. fs always charges 50 more then they should :wink:

On A Side Note My new 1655 I just picked up Seems to be DUDLY! - burned about 5 cmcmage01s and some cmcmagm01 disks I have and they Produce disks with a Lovely PIF average of 252 or so… and pies in the 2000 Average…

$89.99 IIRC. I started to get one but didn’t. I think in the US if one wants a 1640 then a rebadge like a Sony DRU-810A or Plextor PX-740 are more easily accessible. ZipZoomFly has the 810A for $69.99 or so.

Circuit City in west Michigan has 6 retail 1640’s on the shelf today “on sale” until 1/7/06 for $62.99. Not knowing where you live I would guess that a few phone calls to a local store would turn up one or two.