Any 1 know where i can get Norton 2001 Utils

Hi there, does any 1 know where i can get hold of Norton Utilities 2001 & Norton Antivirus 2001 or better still System Works 2k1.

Any help u guys can give me would b greatly received.


Send me an email at

For norton system works 2001 go here -->

there ya go!!


That’s where I got it!!!

Thanx 4 all ur help guys i really appreciate all the info u have given me.

hteunissen check ur e-mail thanx again guys i’ll try alll the sites mentioned.

I’d recommend (one from astalavista’s archive).

Can’t say how reliable any of the links are any more - been a while since I downloaded anything from it (got all the stuff i need already :wink: )

Thanx 4 the reply Trunners i’ll give that link a try.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: !!!