Anwell/Umedisc on the brink of bankruptcy

Anwell Technologies Limited (the world’s second largest CD/DVD/BD manufacturing machinery supplier and one of the very few remaining companies in this field) and its subsidiary - Henan Kerry/Umedisc (world’s top 5 blank CD/DVD producer) are on the brink of total collapse.

  1. The Company announced in July 2014 that part of the assets of the Company’s subsidiary, Henan Kerry, had been seized and sold via auction by the creditors of the Group.

  2. Further thereto, the Company would like to update shareholders that the optical disc operations of Henan Kerry have since ceased all together as at the date of this announcement. Orders previously placed with Henan Kerry have all been duly fulfilled and delivered. However, Henan Kerry has not received any new orders from its customers.

  3. Ever since the suspension of the Dongguan operations and the freezing of the bank accounts of the Group by the Dongguan local government, the business operations and cash flow of the Group have been adversely and severely affected. The Group is unable to fulfil its payment obligations to the PRC banks and creditors. The latter have also seized the Group’s assets in the PRC.
    In view of the current dire situation, customers of the Henan Kerry are concerned that any raw materials supplied to Henan Kerry pursuant to any new order placed with us may also be seized and force sold by creditors. [There is at the same time a growing doubt and lack of confidence amongst the Group’s customers in respect of our abilities to fulfil new orders and also amongst the Group’s suppliers in respect of our financial situation].

  4. Arising from the cessation of operations, Henan Kerry has also retrenched a large part of its workforce.

Chan Kun Shuin
Lead Independent Director
Audit Committee Chairman
13 February 2015

I won’t miss them…

Umedisc discs were not known for good stability, so I won’t miss them.

But losing Anwell can only be a bad thing.

When it comes to medium- & long-term data storage, there is still no substitute for optical discs. At least not for the masses, and the alternatives aimed at large enterprises are questionable. And there is nothing in development to replace them. :sad:

The grand plan the industry has worked out sees the masses purely as consumers & subscribers. Users storing creating & storing their own data is not an ongoing revenue stream (either by subscription or advertising/marketing) and so has no place in their plans. :a

Whats the state now?

Intenso still sell Umedisc, even my latest DVD+R 16x Printable which were in the past Optodisc is now from Ume, also the actual Aone Plus DVD+R DL

Was wondering the same thing. Half of the blank media on the shelves of my local Micro Center are made by Umedisc, even today.

Agreed that their quality is crap, but it seems that there may be a modest improvement lately. The Windata and Kodak branded BD-R that Micro Center sells are at least as reliable as the stuff CMC was producing a few years ago.

That said, if you look on the clearance shelf in that same aisle in my store, most of the customer returns are Valu-Disc and U-Value stuff made by CMC.

Is it really that worse? Didn´t burned a DL from Ume, but with -R 16x Ume02 I had some very good results, rated Class 2 and Class 3 with Benq-scans.
Not all my drives like it, Liteon 524, 124 F and 18A1H, Plextor 755 should not be used.

But with LG Gh24NSC0, Pioneer DVR-S20, Matshita UJ8E2S you can make good burns.

Similar with AML 003, some drives like em, some not.

Also theres a big vary in quality, but even Verbatim have it.

ATM I prefer Umedisc SL-media if I had the choice between Ume and MBI. CMC is harder to get here, and like you said it can be crappy. My old CMC-made HP were not bad, DVD-R 8x/16x works much better than +R 8x/16x. M01 is not good, mostly Class 4 and Class 5 scans. AM3 is better, although I get mostly Class 3 and Class 4 scans.

But here in Germany you will good almost everywhere MBI-media, which seems to be the worst choice :frowning:

I have tried the Umedisc DL media and it is hit-or-miss on multiple drives (numerous LiteOns and LG GH22/24 series that I keep around for M-Disc burns).

The popular wisdom was to burn these “8X” discs at 4X. Even at that speed one runs into unreadable spots along the edge, and an occasional failure to close the session because the drive cannot read the temporary TOC, Using hypertuning on Lite-On drives makes it worse, the first few hundred MB are unreadable as the drive tries to sort things out while writing/

The only way I’ve been able to use them reliably is with ancient drives that still have the 2.4X speed in their media table.

Micro Center used to stock Moser Baer CDR’s under their house brand (WinData) but lately they’re CMC. As I recall the Moser Baer discs were not that bad.

Ancient drives, huhm. I thin my oldest functional DVD-writers are Benq 1640/1650, Liteon 1653S (awful writer, but good reader), LH-18A1H and LG GSA-H22L.

These writers for sure don´t know Ume-DL-media and maybe really only write 2,4x, but I doubt the universal writing strategy for unknown MIDs will be a revelation.

The Pioneer DVR-215 let me choose 2,4x MKM 003 000, the LG GH22NS40 offers 2,4x also with MKM 003 000 and MBIPG101 R10.

Maybe this two drives are worth a try the next time I burn DL-media

Thought the Aone are with (Faked?) Ricoh-Mids, was surprised that´s Ume

My last bought MBI-CD-Rs are maybe more than 10 years old, labeled as Platinum and Philips and I think it´s good media.

But MBIs actual DVD-media, especially DVD+R SL is the worst media I ever had. Quality scores if burned with actual LGs, Liteons, Pioneer and Samsung and scanned with Liteon is sometimes 84, mostly 77 or lower, PIF total mostly around 10000 and more.

With same drives I have Quality score 93-95 and mostly PIF total <1000 if I use Optodisc-media.

There are no news about the company since August 26th, 2015.
Anwell_Update-Annt-26Aug15.pdf (51.6 KB)

(B) Legal Proceedings against Umedisc (HK) Limited
8. On 5 August 2015, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Umedisc (HK)
Limited has been served with a statement of claim dated 29 June 2015 filed by
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Zhengzhou branch (“Shanghai Bank”) in
Zhengzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of Henan Province for outstanding
payments due and owing. Based on the facts set out in the statement of claim,
Henan Kerry Digital Co. Ltd. has assigned debts due and owing from Umedisc
(HK) Limited to Shanghai Bank pursuant to a factoring arrangement between
Henan Kerry Digital Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Bank. The Shanghai Bank has now
claimed against Umedisc (HK) Limited for the sum of approximately US$5.2
million together with interest and costs.
9. The Company is currently seeking legal advice from its Hong Kong and PRC
lawyers this regard.

And here are the latest updates on Umedisc’s parent company (Anwell Technologies Limited):

Anwell_Annt-JM-extension.pdf (178.3 KB)
Anwell_SOP-and-Creditors-Meeting.pdf (656.0 KB)

Umedisc does still exist and produce optical media - I just got the confirmation directly from the company. Their current status and financial health is unclear. I will try to get some more informations.

Understand that the Ume-DL media cannot possibly be in the media code table on these old drives; but, that said, writing them at 2.4X is the only way I can get a reliably readable burn out of them. Laptop drives are good for this; I suppose, since there is no need to store higher speed write strategies, they sometimes include the lower speeds. Just this week I mad a good burn on a LiteOn DS-8A5SH at 2.4X with all hypertuning disabled - presumably using a generic strategy; but, well, what the heck.

This is getting OT for this thread; but briefly:

MBI media not so widely distributed around here, so I can’t really generalize- but your “worst media” comment reminded me of something.

As you may have surmised from my comments upthread, the masochist in me sometimes goes through the customer returns shelf at Micro Center looking for bargains. A couple of years ago I found a partially opened stack of “U-Value” lacquer-finish DVD-R’s for a couple of dollars; and said, what the heck. Worst of my life. The lacquer was peeling off many discs, there were visible defects in the dye layer (pinholes, dark blotches, uneven distribution) and many of the platters were unbalanced. These were MID’ed as CMC discs, so that is an indication of how bad they can be. I actually posted a negative review on the Micro Center web site but never saw it published.

They must be. I continue to see new stock on the store shelf, many months after the announcement that they were bankrupt.

Thank you for the info, pepst


Can´t say that CMC-media is general good quality but what you wrote sounds like the U-Value labeled C-grade-media or fakes? ButI fakes have mostly MCC, TY or Ricoh-Mid.

This year I burned more than 20 Mids of DVD-media with more than 10 drives and the MBI-media had overall the worst results, no matter which writer or speed. Even my TYG02-fakes had with some writers better results, also my “new” PRINCO 1x-media shows MUCH better results with a suitable writer which know the Mid and don´t use 4x-speed with a universal-write-strategy.

And so back to Umedisc :wink:

I will try soon what quality I get with the DL-media. I took a look in some FWs with MSCE, and yep, my older drives don´t know this Mid and I guess 2,4x speed gets maybe used.

Newer drives show this Mid and lowest speed was 4x, even with my not so new AD-7173A.

So you are sure lower speed is the only way to burn Ume DL readable? This means the FW-progarmmers did an awful job with the strategy/speed with this Mid or the mechanical quality is so bad that the media joggles and vibrates so hard that the laser had a hard time to follow the track (sorry for this sentence :wink: ).

Maybe a different writing-strategy works better, e.g. Ricoh D00 or CMC MAG D01?

I took a look in the Blank media section, the last scans of Ume DL don´t look that bad

Some ppl say they don´t will miss Ume, I would miss them. Ume02 and AML003 works in some of my writers much better than MBI. And MBI is omnipresent in so many brands here, Ume/AML I only found in Intenso.

Didn’t mean to imply that CMC media is, in general, good or bad. Fakes aside, my overall experience over the years has been “uneven”. In part related to the distribution channel and the associated grade which is not often obvious (but you can infer … the branded media [Verbatim for instance] is of better quality than the bargain stuff).

I have been able to burn Ume DL’s at 4X but it is not a reliable strategy. Two successive discs from the same stack may perform differently on the same drive at the same speed. Burning at 2.4X just gives more predictable results. Also - my major source for these is the “Windata” brand. Despite having the same ATIP and other physical characteristics, they exist in both blue and matte silver label versions that seem to differ in performance.

There are two kinds of Ume DL, DL1 002 and DL1 064, both are 8x rated. Maybe one revision is not so bad?

I don´t know whether Ume have one or more factories? Could also be different factories, different quality.

The manufacturers also would say there´s no difference because all factories use the same standards, but that´s not always the truth :wink:

My results with Ume DL

Not good media, only the LG GH24NSC0 showed an acceptable performance

Umedisc is now owned by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC Group) and they currently manufacture CD-R, 16x DVD +/- R, DL and 6x HTL 25 GB BD-R media.