Anwell precision technology

Are these bad discs? Cuase thats what i have.

Btw, theyve burned just as well as my other ones. If theyre bad, what makes them bad?

Yes, they are bad. Ussually poorly made Infosmart disks using a fake code.

One thing you can try, if your drive has tools to support it, is swap the stratagy for AN30/31/32/35 (or whatever your disks identify as) with the infosmart code, and hope it burns better then the AN codes.

Well there are more hongkong compannies usseing anwell codes.
UMEDISC for instance which is owned by the same owner as anwell if I am right.
Anwell is a Hongkong technology supplier who mostly supplies there manufactureing equipement to Hongkong manufacturers.

Anwell supplies many manufacturers (even Sky Media in Sweden) and that’s why there are so many different results with this code. It may not be Anwells fault when discs fail, rather it may be the actual company that presses these discs thats at fault.

I’ve used Comp Usa AML Media (which uses Anwell Stampers) and I haven’t had an issue with any disc.


Thanks for the clarification. I imagine that anwell supplies a lot of disk production equipment, and the AN3X/AML media codes are simply the default.

I also imagine that their equipment is probably able to make good disks, as long as you correctly maintain and replace parts as needed and use good quality base products. For example, as long as the stampers are replaced before they wear out, and a good dye is used, and contaminants are kept out, disks made using these machines are probably at least ok, if not good.

Yes Rugger.

That’s how I see it. The problem is that the code “AN31, AN32, AML etc.” get such bad raps because of one or two manufacturers that don’t maintain, replace, upgrade or use dyes as the equipment maker (Anwell) describes.

AN31 by Sky Media may work very well, but Infosmart may work like crap simply because manufacturing standards are not the same. (just an analogy I have no idea if Sky is good and Infosmart bad.)

One thing is for sure, when the actual manufacturer skips detail it makes Anwell look like a shoddy outfit.

Hmmm same here, CompUSA brand 4x DVDR discs with AML codes seem to be “okay”.

I have used media (Platinum sold at MicroCenter)with code AML001. The DVD+R initially had much better QS scores than DVD-R (90 vs 70). The real issue I have had with this media is that after a few months the QS scores decreased by about 40 for both the + and - R.

IMO I think this media just doesn’t hold up with time. My case was extreme because I used this media as backup for movies my kids viewed in the car, and the storage in the car was at high temperatures (I live in Texas), but my TY media did not degrade at all under the same conditions.

You mean Switzerland :wink:

Haha…yes JSL.

Yes Bob G. I remember. We discussed this before.

I have since switched to Maxells, Verbatim Digital Movies, Imation (MCC), TDK. However, the AML’s that I have burned still play well without any problems.

Could be batch problems at the time or it could be poor dyes. Who knows?

Hey GregRod, glad to hear that you switched to better quality media. I think my AML problem was accentuated by the environment. Remember, my disc’s were exposed to high heat. Which I think accelerated their decay. The curious thing is that the TY did not decay. What I think this translates to is that even under a less severe enviroment the AML will have a much shorter life than the TY.

In summary, if you can get good quality media for 40 cents apiece (Fuji $19.99 at Best Buy), vs poor quality media for 30 cents apiece (Compusa $15) why take the chance. IMO, for most normal users (I know this site is used by a great many abnormal users :iagree: ) 10 cents a disk savings is not worth the potential trouble. In the end run I think you spend more money and time dealing with poor media vs good media…

Bob G, I agree with you…now. LOL.

The lure of the Comp USA was so great when I first started burning. But since then, I’ve gotten alot of quality media all for the same if not just a few cents more than Comp Usa media.

I still won’t knock the AML’s as they work, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it when there is better media for around the same price.

People just have to wait for good sales and stock up.

This site had shown me the way.

Sky media may work well ??? Ehh SKY.I have to see the first disc of sky that is really well. Sorry but so far I only have seen junk from these guys. Really be happy that you never encountered media from these guys.

but Infosmart may work like crap simply because manufacturing standards are not the same. (just an analogy I have no idea if Sky is good and Infosmart bad.)

I think quality is prety close both manufacturers make cheap crappy media and abuse codes.

CompUSA brand 4x DVD+R, burned at 4x on ASUS DRW-1608P


I am not a guru on scans but this looks like a pretty good scan for AML.

PI is well below the 280 average. Right?

it looks like you just answered your own question. :slight_smile:

The scans are good

Only the CompUSA brand 4x discs have shown good/decent results… All other AN3X and AML media that I have tested has been crappy…