AntiVirus Help Please

I’d like to get advice on what AntiVirus program is the best…uses the least amount of memory and doesn’t cause issues. My 3 choices are McAfee, Norton and AVG. Thanks

Then forget Norton and McAfee.


have you looked at[B] bitdefender [/B] or [B]nod32[/B] for low resources usage for an AV program.

as Michael says, don’t go near norton or mcafee

I´m now an AntiVir fan.
(no bugs in 6 months)

I’m not familiar with either of these. Would they be better than AVG?

Yep, Norton and McAfee would not be “resource-light” .

The big free three are AntiVir, AVG and Avast!
There are also paid for versions of these.
I like and use all three and lately AntiVir has had the best detection rate.

Of the “paid-fors” NOD32 is the champion of effectiveness and low-resource use.
BitDefender is another good one and it’s engine is used under license by other AV’s.
Kaspersky has been one of the top detectors but I can’t speak to its resource needs. Maybe someone can comment ?

For starters, why not try one of the freebies and see what you think.

You may also want to consider using a Anti-Trojan/Anti-Spyware solution and a software firewall as well.
Click on Comparitives and go to the May 2007 Report (.pdf)

I’ve been using BitDefender for about 1.5 years now. Its better in terms of sensitivity. BitDefender picks up on things that Norton misses. It takes up much less system resources than Norton IF you disable the automatic updates. Otherwise it will randomly spool up the update thingy and if you are doing a lot of work it will slow your computer down to a crawl.

The other caveat being that it depends on what scan setting you use when you actually scan your computer. If you scan with a normal scan setting its not bad at all, much better than frickin Norton or Alwils Avast. But if you select the Deep Scan, which looks in every little nook and cranny of the computer, then that will basically slow things down to a crawl. I usually set that up and go to the gym or dinner and then come back and its done.

Great big thread on the best AV software for you to take a look at :slight_smile:

i would say yes.

i use bitdefender & find it good, as the person says above, the updates can be a pain, update it yourself. i scan my pc at night when im in bed

it’s also cheaper than nod32, which is a very good AV program

Thank you…very useful.


I highly recommed the Free Anti-virus. [B]avast! 4 Home Edition[/B]. You can download it from the following site:

I run the [B]Free Home Edition[/B] on two of my computers and run [B]avast! 4 Professional Edition[/B] on my main computer. All three of my computers are networked.[B] avast! 4 Professional Edition [/B]can be downloaded from:

The price list for Professional can be seen at the following site:

avast! 4 Home and Pro are updated almost daily. I have been using both versions for almost two years and haven’t been bitten by a virus yet.

PS: I forgot to mention that Home and Pro Editions have caused no conflicts with any software that I am running and they both use, way less resources than any anti-virus that I have used in the past. I don’t know about AVG but, McAfee and Nortons are both resource hogs.


Of those 3, I’d go with AGV. Free and much less of a drain on the computer.
I run AVG and find it great - but check out some of the others mentioned as everyone has their own personal taste with anti-virus software.

I would too - currently I’m using an AV/Firewall/etc software from my ISP which does the trick nicely, and I’d steer clear of McAfee and Norton (both pretty hoggy on resources, as mentioned).

I’ve also heard good stuff about NOD32.

Never tried NOD32 - but I’d be very happy to give it a go :iagree:
I actually choose AVG free over Norton - which I still have a paid up subscription to, thanks to husband who is a bit paranoid about viruses and thinks that it you pay for an AV it will be better.
I hated Norton so much I took it off, even though there was 7 months left of a 1 year subscription :iagree:

How many viruses do you tend to see??
I can only recall ever finding 1 - and that was on a portable hard drive a friend was copying some work files to my computer on. Following all the best AV advice, I scanned the hard drive before copying any files, and found one lurking amongst a bunch of movies, that were no doubt downloaded completely legally and probably not from a torrent of any kind… :rolleyes:

I think you can mostly avoid viruses by being cautious with downloads.

Now, spyware… that’s a different matter :a
/begin rant mode

If they are free, are they inferior to the paid versions? What don’t the free ones do?

Can’t speak for Norton and others, but AVG free edition is designed for individual home pc use only, while the paid versions are for business, servers and networks.
The free version gets the same AV updates etc, but you agree in the license that you are using it under certain restrictions i.e. personal use only.

If you go to the websites of Anti-Vir, AVG and Avast! you will see comparisons between the “free home” versions and the professional versions.
The primary ingredients that make these viable alternatives, is that they all auto-update and real-time scan.

With most of the free Anti-Trojan/Spyware apps you lose auto-update and real-time scanning after the trial period.
It’s the one security app that I pay for.
My real-time security on this machine is :

AV = Avast! (free)
FW = Comodo (free)
AS = WinPatrol (free)
AT/AS = SuperAntiSpyware (paid)

I used AVG for a while which was okay, but I switched to Avast when it found 6 malwares AVG had missed when I tested Avast. Anti-Vir was top rated of the free antivirus programs when I checked, and I’ve used Anti-Vir in a UBCD4WIN which was used to remove 20 trojans from a WinXP system. AVG, Avast and Anti-Vir are all good, and it’s probably a toss up between Avast and Anti-Vir for the best IMO. I have no experience or knowledge on BitDefender, but thoroughness in detecting malware should be most important consideration regardless of resources. All of these use much less resources than McAfee and Norton though. I once tried Norton which bogged down my system so much it was intolerable, and I uninstalled it.

Buy Kapersky and set it and forget it. You will never get a virus.:iagree: