Antivirus Guide For Windows 8

I don’t see a topic about this and this is something that will help other out so here we go.

Why do people keep saying MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) is good and we should stick with it ? 99% of the viruses we get comes from being online. With that said MSE is completely garbage. It only “protects” after you are infected. Lets face it people now days half of the viruses/trojans/malware come from simply browsing webpages you do not have to download something to become infected. With that said why do you say MSE is good ? It does not scan the webpages (you get no warning to stop and go back) you go to therefore if you browse a rogue page you are got. This I know for a fact MSE does not check webpages. Do yourself a favor people and disable Windows Defender and seek a 3rd party protection. I highly recommend Panda Cloud Antivirus and Trend Micro Titanium. Those two are fantastic and a couple more to try is BullGuard Internet Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Those two are not as good as the first two I mentioned but work really well.

I just confirmed this. Just installed it on my desktop it is legit click this link and you will get 6 free months of Panda Cloud Pro. All you got to do is simply “Like” their facebook page and click download.
The link above is for the 6 month free Panda Cloud Pro.
It is one of the few 3rd Party Antivirus programs that is compatible with Windows 8.
The link below is a list from Microsoft that shows all Antivirus Programs and if they are Windows 8 compatible.

as I said I tested this no adds not a scam all you got to do is like their facebook page and you get 6 months of Panda Cloud Pro free a $20 value.
i would hope this is not against the rules seeing it is 100% legit and all members can benefit from this.

Do MSE and the anti-virusses you mention not work together?

[QUOTE=RexHunt;2651150]Do MSE and the anti-virusses you mention not work together?[/QUOTE]
I’m sure they would work together. I’m not sure if they would have any conflicts with one another or not though. I just disabled MSE and let Panda take over. I have been using the free edition of Panda on one of my desktops for about 5 months and it has done a fantastic job. It does not bog your system down or anything this I know 1st hand due to the fact the desktop I have it on only has 1gb of ram.

I think Avast and Quick-hill is best antivirus for Windows 8. MSE is also good antivirus. It’s provide a good security.

As long as they speed up Win8 by 50%!