Antivirus 2009 malware

How does one go about finding a good malware remover without being more suspicious of site saying they have malware remover? Does spybot remove and kill antivirus 2009??

From my personal experience Antivirus 2008 and Antivirus 2009 are difficult to remove. Spybot alone cannot remove it.
I can vouch for the following site:

But of course, that is just my opinion.:flower:

Of course that doesn’t directly answer your question, does it?
For me, it is simply trial and error to find the reputable sites.:slight_smile:

mcafee free removes it. [though i use avast! 4 home, dont know if this will do the job or not?]

i only know this because my mother was infected. i told her how to update her antivirus and run a scan. the next day i reviewed the scan results and searched her computer for traces of the virus. it was clean.

when doing a search for more information the only highly recommended removal method is using malwarebytes. but this was a few months ago, so im sure any decent anti-virus and malware removal tool will now remove the infection.

[B]Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware[/B]




You do not need the full paid version, The free portion of this program should do what you need.


The only way to clean a compromised system is to flatten and rebuild:


What platinumsword said use "mbam’ malwarebytes. It is free and works to remove those pesky 2008 2009 antivirus. My brother had it install on his computer and he could not do anything as it took so long to start up and system restore would not work. I installed mbam on his computer ran it and his problem was gone. But like mciahel said the only way to clean a compromised system is to flatten and rebuild. My brother did not want to do that so I used mbam and ccleaner on his system for him and the problem was removed for now.

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edit// sorry i meant AVG free was used to remove the infection not McAfee. :doh:

sorry troy512 forgot to mention you too

I told my friend that he most likely need to do a recover on his Dell laptop from the cd/dvd. But he just wanted to remove antivirus 2009 and not have to do all that work. I just give him the info and guess he can decide what he wants to do then. Thanks everyone, I did find on google site to remove it but had to get some first person experience and those who used or found which software works best to get rid of antivirus 2009.

SUPERAntiSpyware has long since added removal options for Antivirus 2009.

The September 9th, 2008 updates contain several solutions for this pest.