Antitrust investigation of the online-music business

I just posted the article Antitrust investigation of the online-music business.

Napster’s revenge? Microsoft and Sony’s Pressplay and AOL Time Warner and RealNetworks’ MusicNet are being targeted as a possible 'distribution duopoly.

The Justice Department opened an…

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I hope this shoves it back up their asses - they have been such a pain-in-the-ass to everyone they can be and hopefully they will get their return. Imagine that, the government actually doing something people will agree with :stuck_out_tongue:

They apparently fell behind on their bribe installments. :4

F*ck em’ all! This is getting old. I don’t need any p2p or downloads from the net at all! They can take thier B.S. and smell it themselves…LOL…U can’t stop Rock ‘n’ Roll! :d