"Antique" VCR and Macrovision/copy protection



I came across a 20-year old (Mfg. date: Sept. 1985) Panasonic Omnivision VCR. It appears to have been the top of the line at that time.

I remember reading someplace here that the older VCRs didn’t “read” the Macrovision/copy protection on a VHS tape (or something of that nature).

Can someone fill me in on this please?



Yes, the Macrovision stuff was a late addon to VCR’s hardware; so your lucky if you still “tape” DVDs. My last “old” VCR broke about a year or two ago. :sad: I think I had the one your talking about. I don’t remember the exact year, but it did copy DVDs.

Some VCR “stabilizers” will also remove Macrovision.

A burner, proper software and a stand alone DVD ±RW player is a whole lot faster. I know you have a PC. :slight_smile: