Antipiracy firm floods P2P networks with infected audio files

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 Back in  mid 2002, Overpeer (which is owned by Loudeye) began flooding file sharing  networks with fake songs by  either containing a piece of the original track continuously looping or an ...
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I dont download WMA’s anyway cos I know MP3’s cant store DRM or anything. I dont see how this will make it harder. “Infected” file can be easyly remove. \VH//// :slight_smile:

Yet another pathetic attempt to stop people downloading songs, yet the stupid blindly obvious truth is that it won’t work, and the only way to do it is to make songs cheaper!!! How many times do we have to say it!!!

had someone on the “bad” side (as opposed to the good guys like RIAA, MPAA, Overpeer etc.) done the very same thing I reckon it wouldn’t take long until they had been threatened with legal action but now? nah as always these attempts target the inquisitive mass of dolts who download 50 tracks off of some top list without knowing squat about what they’re doing anyways
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It is like asking someone to stop beating a dead horse. No matter what we say they will never listen. They want to make the same money that they are used to, the same profits, and will do whatever they can to ensure that they have coffers full of cash. I am surprised they have not started a birth tax yet. Once yer born you owe them X amount of dollars just for all the songs you will be hearing while in the hospital!

Who seriously download’s WMA files for their music anyway?

This is illegal in several states California being one of them that just jumped on the anti-spyware band wagon, how will they handle this…hmmm…

Don’t fool yourself’s into thinking like that. These people who do shit like this for profit know what to do. I have downloaded several mp3’s that turned out to be wma’s and a few .avi files that turned out to be wmv codecs. Since then I am more careful about what I do with my downloaded stuff. You should all be more careful too. Last I checked it is pretty damn easy to change a file extension and if the extension is still a similar type (.avi and .wmv will both likely be played in the same player so having either extension is ok) If it wasn’t for the media players in FreeBSD not knowing how to do this DRM shit and crashing when playing those f’ed up files I would have had to clean out an infected PC…mine :r

'nuff said :d

I’ve been woundering this also, seriously who?? I don’t have one wma file on my PC and the only WMV files I have are from the disaster in asia. haha what a joke of a plan this is turning out to be I’m sure they’ll get a few people with this plan but there only going to be stupid ppl in the end…

There fighting “illegal activity” with illegal actibity, don’t you know the two wrongs cancel each other out :wink:

“However recently it has begun exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft’s DRM to deliver advertisements and even attempt to install adware and spyware to those who end up attempting to play the recent fake songs.” That’s irresponsible and could even be breaking the anti-spam law the folks south of the border have. I’d love to see them end up in court over it.

Only the Pirates need to worry about this. :slight_smile:

tinku: Not quite. Stop being a RIAA Shill and actually think for a minute. SPAM and spyware are SPAM and spyware. Those menaces hurt more than the unjustifiably greedy parasites that comprise the record companies. They hurt NetKind in general. Your response is as typically shortsighted as the one from the self-righteous New Religious Right homophobes who in the past said that AIDS was just a gay disease and so didn’t matter.
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This is the virtual equivalent of teddy bears stuffed with explosives hooked to a motion sensor that explode when picked up or kicked. Unfortunately, the BoomBears are prohibited by 5000 or so international treaties while the willful and deliberate spread of damaging and malicious software is not.

What they probably don’t realise is that the end user is probably pestered enough with pop-ups and spyware from the P2P software itself that ad infected audio files may end up totally ineffective :stuck_out_tongue:

"Who seriously download’s WMA files for their music anyway? More to the point who in the hell uses WMP? :r

I use WMP, wanna do something about it ? All my songs are legit, I have a full rack of original CDs and the only copying I do are for my archival use, I don’t bother with pirated low quality MP3 or WMA, as far as media player I use it to play media files, my audio cds, etc. what the F*** is wrong with WMP ? is this a bashign WMP topic ? stay on bloody topic!

Um, it’s not the most efficient and unbloated piece of software in the world but it works and if it turns your crank then fine.

Well the shit is part of windows and loads in memory at startup so might as well use it don’t you think ? Maybe it’s not the most efficient for MP3 playback, but there are ways around that, and I have 2GB of RAM, so bloat is not my concern :Y