Antimod protection on Grand Turismo 2 or Downhill Mountain biking



Is there antimod or other kind of copy protection on new European titles as Grand Turismo 2 or Downhill Mountain Biking?

Cracks anywhere?


I’ve copied GT2 Pal without any trouble…
I’ve used Cdrwin 3.7F-e or PSXcopy 6.2, I don’t remember well



No protection on Gran Turismo 2 (PAL) as far as I’m aware (had U.S. copy last year).

Check out for latest patches and news.

No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking (PAL) contains no protection, definitely! Had that over 4 months ago. No problems!!


I took your advice and copied them with CDRWIN. I have done PSX titles dozens of times with no problems this way, only when there was a protection like Ape Escape and Medievil i needed a crack.

But no luck with Grand Turismo 2 and Downhill Mountain biking. The cd’s were hired at the videostore (Videoland, the Netherlands)
Grand Turismo dies (both cd’s) after the introduction screen, it looks like a antimod protection.

It is not my hardware, i did copy another
playstation title without problems after the unlucky experience with Grand Turismo 2.

I will try to install an stealth modchip to see if this helps.


I copied GT2 (NSTC) without any problems


Grand Turismo 2 rental PAL version from Videoland IS modprotected!

I modified a 9002 type PSX with a Stealth Modboard and the copies were working!

So now the old 500x will get a new chip also.

Downhill Mountainbiking does not work, even with the stealth. So another sneaky copy protection.


Downhill is also working now. Not protected.

Do not use That’s cd’s!


Most of PSX games aren’t copyprotected!!!
The protection is in your console!
One advice: use WinOnCd for your psx copying! In my experiance no failures (psx!!)! A friend of my who runs a psx copy business now uses Easy Cd Creator 4 deluxe! Never heard him complain about it! I, on te other hand, don’t even have it installed!
Good luck you all!


Well dear Wookie, psx games are getting more and more protected. Have a look at the PSX section on for example.

And my documented experience in this topic with Grand Turismo 2 and stealth modchips tells you more.