Anti Virus Software

Can someone reccomend some that is not a resource hog :smiley: :disagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
Try here:
Or here:
Both of these are free.
If your going to pay then try nod32 .

If you want free, I have heard of many people using avg and saying it is good (the first one that zebadee linked to). Trend micro is also very good
I wouldn’t pay the full download price of 50$ though as you can often get it on sale locally cheaper.

I’ve used Norton System Works, and Mcafee in the past (both are hogs). Just switched to CA1 (Computer Associates), and my PC’s are much faster booting, and it is easy to use and configure. I haven’t tried AVG yet, but it does come highly recommended on multiple forums.

I’ll second that on norton and mcafee (especially norton). They take quite a bit of your system resourses.

Never use Norton, Mcafee is better.

Avg virus protection from is extremely good. The free version!!

I’d advise you to spend a little money and use NOD 32.
It does what it says on the tin.


Have been using TrendMicro Internet Security Suite 2005 for past six months - love it - got it for like $20 shipped off of a company

NEVER use Norton Anything IMO-

Will definitely fu@k up your computer-


Never touch norton.

Kaspersky is what i use, its jointly the best with Nod32.

AVG is the best free. (its even better than norton also!)

I use Bit defender proffesional 9.Very good came top in lots of polls and is light on the resources

Kaspersky is good, like everyone else says. It’s what I am using atm. I have used NOD32 as well in the past and have nothing negative to say regarding it. Norton stay away from, it’s just bloatware and it will make your system crawl. AVG is not too bad, and light on resources. Good luck :slight_smile:

I like Avast (free edition), never had any problems with it.
Frequent updates, sometimes several a day.

I’ve been using Nod32 for the past two years, I believe it’s the fastest of all of them, using little resources memory wise and is easy to uninstall and reinstall if necessary.

Kaspersky from what I’ve read may very well be the best, but not as fast as Nod32.
Whatever you decide to use, good judgement of where you surf and what you open is you’re best defense, and that method is free.

In whatever program you decide to choose, remember that there is not a single virus program that will protect you from everything. It would be recommended that you also get into the habit of using online virus scanners as well. Just do it periodically.

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Same counts for firewalls.

The problem always sits in front of the monitor…

Ditto! I had the Internet version free on my computer and it was problematic to say the least! Now I use the Corporate version antivirus only and it is perfect.
You also need SPYBOT man!

Ok, there are exactly three/four to consider:

  1. Kaspersky
  2. Nod32
  3. AVG/Avast

The reason for considering AVG/Avast is that they’re FREE! Otherwise they are inferior to Kaspersky and NOD32.

Kaspersky is the best, undisputed. It is also something of a resource hog, it’s intrusive, etc.

NOD32 is the second-best, but it’s so lightweight that you won’t even notice it running.

I have been using Avast for several years. Both free version and pay and never had problems with it, and it updates religiously. Since I started using Avast I very rarely have any trojans etc either when running Spybot or Adaware.

Would highly recommend AVG ( Grisoft ) AV , been using it for a couple of years and completely satisfied … switched from Norton to Avg as Norton was a BIG resource HOG … AVG uses appox 6000k mem … sweet!!
ps: BTW updated daily , good support …