Anti-virus Question?

I bought a new PC the other day, it came with an anti virus I never herd of, it’s called eTRUST is it any good? relaible? I know I asked a similar question before and you recommended nod 32. I am anti Norton :a Is eTRUST a resource hog? As anyone used it before? I would appriciate your feed back Thank You all in advance

I’ve never heard of eTRUST before and can’t say much about their software. The only thing you can do is press ctrl+alt+delete and go to the task manager and see how much CPU/RAM the software uses and decide for yourself if it is a resource hog.

eTrust is a major player as major players go; I have used it in the past but find that AVG Free works very well and taking the price of the two programs into consideration I will stick with AVG.

thanks i’ll check AVG out

NOD32. I am using Vista and it works fast, low overhaed and 0 problems with Vista

CA tool. have confidence in them. Even if I didn’t use etrust, I used other CA tools. I’d go with it