Anti-Spyware program targeted by multimedia player

I just posted the article Anti-Spyware program targeted by multimedia player.

The war on add and spyware has reached a new level. Makers of spy and addware now fight back by removing Lavasoft`s Ad-ware program after instaling their software.

Calling the tactic "malware at…

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hmmm, i have an idea, next time i make something lets remove all windows files that aren’t in use and just put it somewhere in a looooooong text as a warning where nobody will read what we do, it’s just spyware anyway =)

First, sex stops to be safe, and now installing an app is not safe anymore…it is the end of the world as we know it…and i do not feel fine…

This is technically a Virus as far as I’m aware. If I lived in america I think I’d be speaking to a Lawyer right now seeing if I could sue RadLight. They have no right to delete any other software on my computer no matter what it is. ESPECIALLY a fully legitimate program such as Ad-Aware. There’s an obvious way around this - Ad-Aware just has to change their installation dir plus any reg entries they used that would tell RadLight where it is located.

If there ever was a good reason for a lawsuit, then it’s this. I mean the destruction of a legal computer program you installed. I can’t be legal!

Can’t add-aware sue Radlight? They would make money in the process which can be used to enhance this wonderful program! :slight_smile:

Already read about Radlight this morning. I sended them some mails to let them know what we think about this. I think that -if they will read them- they will get the point :slight_smile: … And for Ad-aware: The full software package of RAdlight was added to the spyware list from ad-aware. Hehe. We wont see them again. And for the ppl interested: the e-mail address was

Simply don’t use adlight software. There are valid alternatives. I’ve read somewhere that divx will become standard in most dvd hardware players in the future. No need to install crap software like this one.

Everyone likes getting rid of ads unless they are the ads on his site or program or whatever.

I see CNET has pulled this radlight from their free downloads…perhaps the mere mention of legal liability has reached a few ears :slight_smile:

First DAP and now Radlight… And to think I Liked Radlight…

First DAP and now Radlight… And to think I Liked Radlight…

Spyware sucks, hated it big time…

What do they think? That we really need RadLight? Screw 'em, if they start pulling these dirty tricks on us, there’s hundreds of similar programs, that won’t behave virus-like. As for me, I never used their piece of crap ( :r ) software, and never will. :d

i wonder if any of the virus companies have updated their definitions at all today?

I wonder if all you guys know the whole story. Radlight is very solid kickass FREEWARE soft and so called ad-aware spyware software is optional while installing radlight. Radlight guys werent aware of their third party software doing harm to your little pc’s at home. They’re not forcing users to install their ‘only income software’. :*

re:gabbri3l Do U work atRadlight??? Dooooo!

What is next?? Deleting antivirus or a firewall apps after install a game??