Anti Smoking announcements to be added to some DVD movies

What is your opinion of this initative?

The Weinstein company has agreed to become the first to insert anti-smoking announcements onto DVDs that it produces. This is in response to a September letter to 13 of Hollywood’s major motion picture companies and was signed by attorneys general from 41 states.

We can expect to see such announcements, at least with the Weinstien company, to begin with “Clerks II”. The public service announcements, will be added when the picture you are about to watch, depicts the actors having a smoke. The initiative is apparently the brainchild of one New Hampshire Attorney General-Kelly Ayotte.

“We have been trying for years to get Hollywood studios to work with us on what we believe is an important and meaningful protection for our children, and the Weinsteins have taken that all-important first step,” Ayotte said.

I am looking at my calendar, and it isn’t April Fool’s day.

Is there something wrong with my calendar?

Or is the anti-smoking crusade getting completely ridiculous? :rolleyes:

In case anyone thinks it matters, which it shouldn’t, I don’t smoke.

I agree!

I vote for the latter: completely ridiculous. You’ll see anti-smoking ads on your milk cartons and cereal boxes soon. :rolleyes:

I just thought of something:

Will guns be prohibited in Hollywood movies soon?

Not because they can be used for shooting people, which is good entertainment and perfectly allowable, but because it’s inappropriate for people to see all those [I]smoking[/I] guns! :eek: :bigsmile:

if countries and states realy wanted to stop smoking they would pass laws but they want the tax money too much, such CRAP

That;s the thing - they’re trying to stop it, but at the end of the day, they’d lose too much from the tobacco taxes :wink:

LMAO @ Dragegroan (c’mon, you knew that was coming :bigsmile: )

I think this is perfectly acceptable.
The next logical follow on public service ad to this would obviously be about not bending over and inserting your head as far up your ass as possible. This should be required, as we see the MPAA/RIAA doing this ad nauseum and don’t want our children emulating these stand up organizations…

Good one, Dragemester! Love that pun! ROFL!!!

I think the smoking announcement included in DVDs will be wasted space. At the end of the day, people will do what they want. When you buy or rent a DVD, you do so to watch it, not see a bunch of ‘public service’ announcements on it; ‘public service’ announcements are for ‘public television’! :eek:

Yeah, trailers are bad enough, without having to wade through a bunch of public-service ads as well. :eek:

I’m certainly a non-smoker, but this ‘in your face’ approach will just irritate those watching the DVD, smokers, and make me use CloneDVD2 to edit that crap out. yuck!

the whole anti-smoking thing is getting rediculous! Here in CA its been illegal to smoke in bars/restaurants for several years now, and recently some cities passed laws that make it [I][B]illegal[/B][/I] to smoke in public…you can actually get a ticket for lighting up on the sidewalk! Sure tobacco is bad for you and will shorten your life, but its a legal substance! They are taking our rights away slowly but surely, if they keep it up we won’t have many left!
Orwell was right, he was just 100 years off :stuck_out_tongue:

<===== also not a smoker