Anti-piracy technology now implemented at US colleges

Anti-piracy technology now implemented at US colleges.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Students returning to college campuses this Fall may find that some strict anti-piracy measures have been taken with their school’s network over the Summer. 

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Only 1 student needs to download.

Back when I was in college, one person would download something, and they’d share it on the windows/samba network … internal traffic is not monitored. It’s too voluminous to packet inspect internal traffic …

My college is on the leading edge of technology (or so they claim) and they made these changes last summer. They use a program called Safe Connect that can track everything a user does from the moment they connect to the network, even what online/offline programs they’re running.

Thing is, the program is a joke, a total waste of money. I was able to bypass it in minutes by using a firefox add-on to change my browser’s user agent.

I think it’s absurd that the MPAA is making colleges do their job for them. Schools should focus on the education they provide, not wasting money on witch hunts.

It’s pretty sad that colleges are being blackmailed (with the threat of losing federal funding) into forcing to monitor their students online traffic. On the other hand, if they are only required to do a minimum of implementing a response/take-down system tied to DMCA notices, then I have to fault the individual colleges that are going to extremes when they are not required to do so.

I know someone who was facing similar issues a few years back. The difference was that the college was solely responsible. In order to get around it, he had his own router setup in his dorm.