Anti-piracy system could damage loudspeakers



I just posted the article Anti-piracy system could damage loudspeakers.

BlackBeard used our newssubmit to tell us about an article in Newscientist. This article is about Cactus Datashield. They claim it’s a new protection, but if I remember it right is has already been…

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I reckon this protection would not be permitted, especially in Europe. It wont exactly be hard to copy either - either do an exact copy with clonecd etc, or parse the correct sound from the cd player to the sound card and recode it.


atm(and in the future?) you simple can’t protect the copying of audio cds when you got the original and a stereo you can copy it, just use your cd-in to record it to either mp3 to rls or copy


Well that isn’t going to work either. There are cleaner programs out there that takes out distortion. Steinberg Clean! Plus is what I use. Or you can just edit the wave file with nero’s wave editor. :g


Huh? Which version of Cactus data shield are you talking about? I came across a recent cd from BMG (Loveparade 2001 compilation) which is protected with Cactus Data Shield 100 (there’s also 200 according to Midbar website). There’s a warning on the cd which says: this cd can’t be played on pc. This technique uses 3 sessions, one with errors, a fake toc, large pre-gaps on the music session. All this combined makes sure your cdrom does not know what to do with the cd… But with CloneCD (check: subchannels in audio-data) it can be copied and the protection is partly removed so the copy can also be played on the pc… :slight_smile: (And it sounds good, that is: as good as it is possible on a pc ;))With the technical details mentioned above, apperently you are not talking about Cactus Data Shield 100.


Not sure if this is the right forum. Is there a possibility to convert protected CDs (like the Loveparade 2001 - I’ve got it, too) directly into mp3 or other audio formats? CloneCD creates image files which are not very useful for me as I don’t have a CD burner. I’d like to have my CDs on my jukebox.