Anti-piracy organisations try to shut down Popcorn Time



We’ve just posted the following news: Anti-piracy organisations try to shut down Popcorn Time[newsimage][/newsimage]

Dutch anti-piracy organisation Brein writes letters to hosting providers demanding removal of the Popcorn Time website.

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Take one down, get one back. The more effort they put in taking sites down, the more effort the site owners make in making their sites more redundant!


I think Popcorn time is still in beta, but I have heard it works


"…doesn’t rule out the site will be blocked blocked."

Not blocked blocked, anything but blocked blocked!


Why bother to fight against Popcorn Time? It’s free/open-source software, and therefore can be easily forked (and/or re-distributed) by anyone with software writing skills. There’s no way to kill a program like that, as it’s developed, distributed, and used in a very decentralized manner.