Anti piracy group takes child's laptop

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Finnish anti-piracy group CIAPC seizes child’s laptop

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Another example of why they will lose in the end. People have little sympathy for greedy groups that like to prey on the weak to make a point. In reality they just pi$$ people off and set themselves backward. The only way they are going to win is to find a way to make music, movies etc. available to the masses in a cheap, easy manner. They are missing the mother load of payoffs by trying to scare people into paying too much for products that are all to often not worth a tenth of the price they are charging. The real money lies in mass QUANTITY for a low price and not low volume with high pricing.

TBH I think the things that set this one apart are firstly, that they didn’t back down when they discovered it was a very young girl and secondly, they continued to pursue the family despite widespread and extremely high profile objections.

To me that says they aren’t worried about negative publicity as they seem keen to use it to highlight just how far beyond publicly acceptable boundaries they’re prepared to go. :rolleyes:


Another thing these RIAA/MPAA entities don’t understand is just how what is legal in society is determined. The masses determine what is legal and illegal in the long run. When a high enough percentage of the population does a certain act that is illegal then punishment for committing that act is unenforceable. Downloading is more pervasive, and gets more common every year, that no entity can put that genie backing the bottle. The public is starting to see downloading as they did recording TV shows on a VCR back in the 1980s. The entertainment industry tried to keep VCRs from being able to record TV signals and copying one tape to another. They failed in their efforts. The same is happening to the RIAA/MPAA etc. today. They are trying to scare the masses into not downloading but the masses are not being scared. The more they try to force their will on people the more they will lose ground. At some point they will see that the scare tactics are backfiring or the people will force the government to make them stop. Then they will find a new business model that works in today’s world.

I guess the would have put me in prison after I hunted down the CIAPC Chief Antti Kotilainen & blew his head off. Maybe some other execs of that organization that were there too.
Time for some violence & see what a jury would do .

UTR: I had to disagree with something so simple, straight-forward, and, above all else logical, but I don’t see them changing there model anytime soon. It seems no matter how much bad publicity they attract, people still seem to mindlessly buy there albums/books/movies without second thought. When they see, for example Men In Black III on the store shelves, they immediately want it, and don’t think about the fact that the giants who made it have recently ripped a laptop from a crying nine-year-old girl, against the wishes of the artist who’s music was pirated. The only exception comes from the people who were going to pirate it, anyway.

Therefore, these a-holes will stay powerful, and refuse to stop bullying everyone they can, supposedly to reduce piracy. Oh, how I wish there would be a wide-spread internet protest about the way they act in general, just as there was when PIPA/SOPA was meant to be voted on. Maybe THAT would do the trick. But then the MPAA/RIAA would probably try to shut these sites down, as well. I’ll bet they’d find a way to do it, too, without remorse for the owners of these sites, or the people who depend on these sites.

They keep pushing people and the people keeping downloading. They haven’t personally affected a large enough group of people yet. They keep trying to and when they do the backlash will shock them. Downloading is here to stay. It can’t be stopped unless they infringe on everyone’s rights. That is when they will have gone too far. It will be up to the ISPs to be the bad guys in this latest effort and I don’t think they will put themselves at risk for the RIAA/MPAA etc.

IMO, the ISPs will send a letter based on an accusation by the RIAA/MPAA etc. and if few respond and admit guilt then the ISPs will throw it back at them and tell them it is now their problem. This is the first time the RIAA/MPAA etc. have gone after ALL downloaders. Not just the high volume uploaders. This new system will affect far more people and irritate far more people. Look for the lawsuits to fly over breech of privacy and illegal wiretapping. I think this is going to get really ugly and be a much bigger mess than the ISPs have anticipated. If they stop service to people that are not proven guilty in a court of law then I think they are taking on a huge liability. Why they are willing the to be the biotches for the slimy record/movie industry is beyond me.

Like stealing candy from a baby …
And just as popular. …