Anti-piracy group hit by DDoS attack, Usenet users blamed

Anti-piracy group hit by DDoS attack, Usenet users blamed.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Dutch entertainment trade organization and antipiracy advocate BREIN was hit early this week by major DDoS attack that rendered the group’s website inaccessible from late Monday and through the day on Tuesday. Though the organization has made plenty of enemies throughout their years of harassing file-sharing websites, those in charge already believe they know who was behind the attacks. 

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Guess the entertainments next target now will be Usenet

No, the next target is anyone not part of the industry. On the other hand, I can assure you they won’t be checking to see of all the music on the ipod Obama gave to the Queen of England was properly purchased and not just copied. Politicians that help them get a pass.

Are they talking about Usenet as in NNTP Usenet?

I don’t get it.