Anti-Piracy film trailer unveiled

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  A new cinema  trailer has hit the big screen in                                                                                    Australia                                                     ...
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So the ones who payed (!) to watch the movie have to watch this… From the original article; “Adrianne Pecotic, executive director of Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (Afact), said there had been an increase in people using camcorders in cinemas to record films…” Oh dear, this must be a joke.

wouldnt it just be the way that this “video” will show up on p2p networks “illegally” on the internet itself if not to be found online spoof’d and satired only too fitting a humor

You make a good point. Why do theater goers have to listen to this bilge? It should be on TV or radio. OH that costs money I forgot. In the same vein, I paid 52 bucks to go to a live concert the other day. I had to listen to the group whine about P2P about 4 different times as they plugged their CDs. If it weren’t for P2P I would not have been there in the first place.

I always enjoy going to a film I paid to see and feel like I’m being accused of theft. Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Who was the group you went to see? Apparently they we’re lied to about how the stagnant industry won’t change with the technology and times. Idiots.

Does someone have this on Bittorrent? :B No…I’m serious, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Put this up there with the anti smoking and anti speeding campaigns…touching few, ignored by many, but always a good tax lurk and not to mention the warm glow it of community spiritualism it gives the board and shareholders…now when everybody is finished farting around can we do something about the drugs and violence and wars and starvation and disease and ecology and education and politicians and dogshit and overpaid ceo’s and greedy stockholders and…er …anything else??.. :X

Yeah sherrif, you forgot to mention getting rid of Republicans! Anybody ever notice how Republicans defend Bush by trumpeting how he’s the reason we have a strong military here in the U.S.? Yet that same strong military is stretched so thin thanks to his warmongering that we actually have the weakest military in history… Food for thought! Oh yeah, we need to eradicate lobbyists, too!

How fun would it be: 5 minutes before the movie starts this (and other) crappy trailer. During the break, they should have an idiotic text about it too. Oh yes, I also would like a pamflet about it on my way out ! And please, don’t forget to frisk me for any hidden camera’s on the way in !!!

Yes, isn’t it a shame that the multi-millionaires who run the movie industry have lost osme profits. Although, I’m not actually sure where they’ve lost their profits. I was under the impression that the DVD market has undergone massive growth over the last 2 years.

They just think that everyone who downloads a movie, would have bought it if it wasn’t available through illegal channels. They probably lost more money with all the anti-piracy than with the “decreased sales”.

Someone who watches a CAM of a movie is highly unlikely to actually pay to see it, even if it were very cheap to do so. Doesn’t matter how many millions download it, the actual profit loss is probably going to be insignificant. They need to target the leaks of high quality sources such as DVDs etc.

Reminds me of the time that Madonna blamed Napster because of her unreleased single. Hello. Napster isn’t to blame, its someone with whome produces and mixes your music. They are the ones who had their hands on it first and made it available to everyone.

Ye me hardies, we all be Ex Convict stock down here in OZ ! Born & bred of pirates stock, just needed some comic relief before the start of the Adds (yes we are so stupid down here we put up with up to a half hour of Adds & trailers before the movie even starts & pay $13 Au about $16 US to see a movie ! sometimes three months after it has been released on DVD in the US! No wonder pirates flourish! The Cinema chains are just to dumb to release the movies at the same time as they are released in the US. And don’t get me started on TV, some of the best of US shows are years behind and out of sequence. In Australia you have to fail kindergarten to qualify as a TV programmer!

That’s actually very insightful. You should write an editorial for a newspaper. Serious. On another note, it’s good to see that rational people can put topics like this into perspective with other world issues. Bravo.

Hardly food for though. I’m taking your ‘food’ with a grain of salt. Simply because you said we need to eradicate lobbyists. So, you’re saying we should eliminate lobbyists who support our efforts in online rights such as the EFF and others. That’s just how democracy works friend.

> The Cinema chains are just to dumb to release the movies at the same time as they are released in the US < Possible reason for this practice: This way the studios have a constant flow of income. It is always bad to have a big peek of cash (you habe to pay taxes and such). It is better to release the same movie in different parts of the world at a later time, so you spread the income over a longer period. And don’t tell me, that US movies have to be “localized” for the UK or Australia…

arrest me im a car thief :B

Where can I get my Jag for £14.99?!