Anti-piracy CD system raises distortion fear



I just posted the article Anti-piracy CD system raises distortion fear….

nanojath used our newssubmit to tell us:

A new technique to prevent people from (digitally) copying audio discs may have an undesired side-effect:

"Anti-piracy compact discs that cannot…

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“Changes made to the music are not discernible” O.K. tell that to a audiophile pro that has a $20k system and get his feed back on not “descernible”.


I think it’s quite funny that it’s possible for the price of the music to go up a little bit to pay for the new security feature. Granted, it may be by virtually nothing, but we still pay more for lower quality music. Wonderful.


Guys, only people who read internet news would know about these CD titles which are protected by SafeAudio Sooner or later, people will start to find out that their music CDs cannot be copied. We shall find out more and more protests against this crap. Maybe boycott it…


What is up with selling us LOWER QUALITY music for MUCH HIGHER prices…!? You know what fuck Macrovision… Im gonna bomb there site…! :d


Now this sucks. It’s one thing to add protection to your stuff (which will get busted anyohw), but not if your messing with the quality of the original data. F’kin pricks. I want my pure 16bit/44hz high-fidelity linear CD audio please. Muppets. Burn in hell.