Anti-piracy ads to stress buying music is better - in Canada

I just posted the article Anti-piracy ads to stress buying music is better - in Canada.

While BMG thinks a part of the solution is protecting their CDs, the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) is hoping to increase the record sales by showing anti piracy messages on TV,…

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CRIA save your money because Ad’s about educating people to the the piracy of CD’s won’t work. Consider changing the content of music on CD’s and lowering prices might be a better move.

This reminds me of those Anti-Smoking ads. I don’t think they really accomplish anything, because they don’t attack the reason why people smoke. The same goes for anti-piracy ads.

Hey i live in canada. does “In fact, in Canada it is not illegal to copy music, as long as it’s solely for personal use” mean i can download all the music i want and listen to it myself? Could i also borrow a friends cd and copy it and listen to it? Or is this just for making mix CDs or soemthing?

He heheh A few years we had commecials limke that here too (NL) and it didn’t work… :slight_smile:

el-walto: You know that it should say “in Canada it is not illegal to copy music YOU OWN, as long as it’s solely for personal use.”

that seems alot more logical. But yeah that means i can take tracks from my cd collection and make a mix cd. I guess people cant do this in the US?

Well, according to copyright law we can. Back…whenever…software on floppies always said to duplicate the disks and store the originals in a safe place. Which, of course, is a little different from the current idea of “we’re not going to let them copy it no matter what.” If one of my copy protected disks breaks, I’m going to go after the company for putting protection on there. I’m going to make them send me a new copy.

Doc: a good idea. Another possible solution especially for SACD & DVD-Audio which currently cannot be 1:1 copied would be: for any company sells copy protected CDs must accept scratched/damaged CDs for a free replacement (ex. postage). :slight_smile: Also, Reducing prices (to below $/€10 per album) is definitely another solution!

IMHO . . since all this fuss has been made about piracy, more and more people that wouldn’t have had a clue about downloading (for free) and burning etc - have actually come to me and asked advice on doing it ! Crazy ! If they (the industry) had shut up, these people would have gone out and continued buying music. My point ? Well advertising will probably actually whet the appetites of more ‘unstreetwise’ people into it. I wreckon anyway ! :4

Frankly I rather hope some of these so called artists do piss off and the little whacker that doesn’t have a name should lead them…oh yes, drag bloody kelly osbourne with ya…:7