Anti-Malware Program Comparison



I am putting together a small comparison of 3 different Malware Programs.

  1. Hitman Pro ( New Version) - Free for 30 days and then payware
  2. SuperantiSpyware- Free and Pro version
  3. Malwarebytes- Free and Pro version

These 3 programs are all programs that work hand in hand in your Anti virus program, they do not replace it. Before I start this comparison I would like to know what program is preferred by our members and if they use any of these at all. I still believe that there is no replacement for good surfing habits but at one time or another we all click on the wrong link. :wink:

  1. Hitman Pro - Excellent and fast scanner with a detection base that is unequaled. So far and I am not done I have found no false positives. It only has 1 version, the Pro version, that does not have real time protection.

  2. Superantispyware- Pro version - Real time protection and autoupdates. Free version has to be run like Hitman Pro but imho, does not detect as well. ( Even though they have numerous updates, I believe most of what they detect to be harmless.)

3 Malwarebytes- Free version ( no real time protection) Pro Version has real time protection with website blocking and filesystem protection).

I picked these 3 Malware programs because I believe they are the most popular among the users in general.

I am testing all 3 of these programs for at least 1 month, I will be posting my results in this thread, if there are any questions about these programs please let me know.
. Testing for false positives will be done
Testing for leftover malware will be done.
Testing for known malware will be done and posted what program detects the most dangerous and how it deals with them. :wink:

For now I am just asking that you use the poll I created and let us know if you use these programs and if you think they help at all.


I will be posting any instructions our members might need. All you have to do is ask. Your opinions are very important to me and will be respected and passed on to the companies that offer these products.
Again I want to reiterate, there is no replacement for good surfing habits but these second chance programs do help, how much help they give is my reason for doing this comparison.:wink:


Just a few comments on HitmanPro as a friend recommended this program so I thought I’d try it out and see what was what.

It’s a malware detection and removal program but somewhat unusually it’s designed to act as secondary protection to your existing anti-virus or security software.

First impressions were reasonably good but there were a few negatives so here are the main positives and negatives as I see them.


Can be run as a standalone program.

Fast scans.

From what I’ve read online it’s particularly good at removing malware.

The more programs it scans the better the system gets.


The program uploads unrecognised files to the cloud. There’s an option to turn this off but it uploads stuff automatically by default.

I have quite a few beta and test versions of programs which are not for distribution and unfortunately it lists these uploads right at the bottom of the results list. Luckily enough I happened to scroll down in time to stop it but I’d rather they didn’t enable this option by default.

There weren’t any false positives on my machine but I see PC Mag tested this software and it detected the popular RootkitRevealer as a trojan.

No real time protection, but then that’s not how the program is designed to operate.

It’s not free unlike other very capable detection and removal tools.

In general though, above and beyond my anti-virus protection, my own personal favourite tools would still be Spybot: Search & Destroy and HijackThis.



well i use That for prevention



imac. OS 10.6.8
I have been using VirusBarrier X6 and it picks up malware immediately you visit an infected site. Not cheap though, there is a yearly fee of around $40
plus. I think it’ the best there is for a mac.



I’ve been using Malwarebytes pro until recently where I started using Trend Micro. So, for me a good starting point would be the Mal. :slight_smile:


Been using Malwarebytes ( free Version ) for a couple years now.
I have gotten a few computers back up and running using this program.


None of them are perfect. Malwarebytes does a decent job of detecting most malware, but I"ve seen it miss things that other programs like Comodo Cleaning Essentials, Spybot, and GMER will pick up.


Shouldnt they not being better described as “ANTI malware progs”??


[QUOTE=chef;2694276]Shouldnt they not being better described as “ANTI malware progs”??[/QUOTE]
You are absolutely correct chef, I will change that right now, thanks.:wink:


[QUOTE=yojimbo197;2694221]None of them are perfect. Malwarebytes does a decent job of detecting most malware, but I"ve seen it miss things that other programs like Comodo Cleaning Essentials, Spybot, and GMER will pick up.[/QUOTE]
If you guys and gals haven’t given Hitman Pro a chance, they have a free trial, I know its sounds as if I am spamming but not true, I recently purchased this program to go with my Eset Smart Security and I love it, it a very fast scan and it uploads all .exes to classify them.:wink:


I vote for Spybot search&destroy! Eset - BS. Kaspersky more safe.


S&D is good but darn sloooooooow.


Yes but S&D is effective in comparison with AdwCleaner :rolleyes:


Interesting…just using Windows Defender (which doesn’t normally score very well) and got this…

…the notes suggest the software in question can do naughty things.
Anyone have any comments about it (I uninstalled it as recommended)


It does seem suspicious.


To my knowledge part of Nullsoft’s installer, but downloading two different versions from softwareinformer reveals it to be contained in an inno installer in which I’ve never seen CBStub.exe before.

In other words, unless your installer is Nullsoft, I have a feeling that file is malicious. If you have a download link for your installer, I can check just how malicious it is :flower:


As of this moment, Windows Defender, SuperAntiSpyware Free, Malwarebytes Free, HitmanPRO Alert trial. I think I should mention Windows Firewall Control and Unchecky because they also keep me out of trouble. Yes I know this thread is years old.


Never late… I still use MSE and it has worked fine for me along with keeping up to date with the Windows Update fixes. That would more then suffice to prevent infections but as anything if your the Owner/Admin and permit malware to install those protections do little to stop the infections. So if you want further protections make a Limite User account and use that to do your work so you will stop infections from getting your O/S.


Well, seems this thread is still open, my two cents is this. Using Windows 7 Pro I use MSE also, but have found that MSE will miss malware from time to time. I use Hitman Pro and it finds what MSE misses.