Anti-EULA script removes offending text

I just posted the article Anti-EULA script removes offending text.

Airhead used our newssubmit to tell us that the Register reports that an imaginative person has created a VB script which will search for an End User License Agreement (EULA).

The EULA is…

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I like the idea too, but unfortunatly from the sounds of this, its illegal (according to the DMCA, taken from section 1202): (b) REMOVAL OR ALTERATION OF COPYRIGHT MANAGEMENT INFORMATION- No person shall, without the authority of the copyright owner or the law--(1) intentionally remove or alter any copyright management information, ------- Im not a lawyer, so i may be wrong, but this still is a cool idea. People should start putting this script on any computer they have access to :4

Those fucks thought of everything when they wrote the damn DMCA :r I love the idea of this script :slight_smile: If this was a virus, it might be the only virus I would like to have on my pc :8

Hi y’all Neat this one eh?? I like the companies who write the software and sell it to us direct offering us to ‘Buy One Get One Free’, also known as BOGOF!!! You know the sort of deals? Well, as the report above implies ‘Buy’ and ‘Lease’ mean the same thing to these folk. This could make a great test case in court coz when you ‘buy’ something you own it. When you ‘lease’ it you you don’t own it. In other words could they be done for misleading us through false advertising? Their offers etc should read ‘Lease One Lease One Free’. How many other cases have been won because the seller/ advertiser used the wrong wording? Loads as it happens. But will someone have the guts or the clout to take this one on??? Greetz All :8

Interesting to note that a lot of software comes with a proviso on the package stating that by opening the package, you agree to,and are bound by the conditions set therein, in other words, you agree to the EULA before you even try the shit…would you purchase a car under the same terms ???..:7