Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement treaty finalized



Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement treaty finalized.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In an attempt to crackdown on global Internet piracy, a coalition of 37 countries banded together to approve of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The agreement must now be legally verified with each nation expected to independently approve ACTA before it goes into effect.

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it’s up to each nation to figure out if their domestic laws adhere to ACTA
In The Netherlands the ACTA laws collide heavily with the local laws. At the moment it is not illegal to download any music or movie in any form, even if it is known that the downloaded files are not a legitemate source.

I really can’t see any small country and/or lawship go after every ip address that does something wrong. There are way too many connections. Think countries like Iceland, Estonia or Romania don’t have better things to do than to protect mostly United States data?

I also cannot understand how somebody is going to prove that some encrypted traffic is actually illegal content being transfered.


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2558075]I also cannot understand how somebody is going to prove that some encrypted traffic is actually illegal content being transfered.[/QUOTE]
Or who is going to cover the costs of monitoring, tracing & enforcement :wink:


[QUOTE=debro;2558078]Or who is going to cover the costs of monitoring, tracing & enforcement ;)[/QUOTE]

What they will likely do is follow the same pattern from the past. The BIG foot is in the door. In a few months the whining will start about how they can’t enforce this act without laws that make the use of encryption illegal. In the U.S.A. It started with the ISP’s and phone companies being required to keep data and logs for longer periods of time. Then they turned around a few months later and worked up legislation requiring all ISPs and phone companies to give the FEDs an electronic seat at Master Control where they have 24/7 access to communications. Then comes the warrant-less warrants where the FEDS don’t even have to get approval from a judge to stomp all over your rights. To make it worse they make you a criminal if you discover an intrusion, even if you are the target, and you tell anyone or complain to your own lawyer. Now how far is the stretch to pass laws that make the use of encryption a felony if your system is used for anything illegal. Then, of course, more things will become illegal. No sense in having laws if you can’t abuse them. This is how these bastards in Washington have been operating for 20 years. They are destroying the constitution and taking our rights in the name of freedom.

Look at airport security issues. Homeland Security has made it so that you have to have all kinds of documents to get a driver license in your own state. Can you imagine being 80 years old and trying to get through all this shit? You want to take a flight then plan on wasting a couple of hours with government crapola before you can get on a plane. So if your flight was 3 hours, just make it 5. Then you go to the airport and get molested by TSA agents or get photographed basically nude while those temporary photos keep showing up on the Internet and places they shouldn’t. However, in the interest of political correctness we can’t fondle, pat or photograph the bodies of Muslim women. So lets harass everyone else and close our eyes to the very group that is closest to the profile of the terrorists. Now did the jackasses ever wonder if it might be against a Protestant’s or Catholic’s religions to have your wife or daughter fondled by someone you have never seen in your life? Now how much sense does it make that in order to protect our freedom we use the rational that we have to give up our freedoms, our privacy our national pride to our government? Screw that! The Talibahn looks like a family reunion compared to the ass holes in D.C. In the mean time some illegal alien gets free school and health care, paid by taxpayers, and can roam the country with virtually no monitoring.

So here we are. The world is sliding down the crapper and we want to pay our government officials to sit on their asses and negotiate over some fucking Compact Disc or Movie? Screw Hollywood, screw Washington and screw the whole enterprise that our Governmental system has become. Heck with finding Bin Laden, dealing with the terrorist, finding jobs, fixing the economy, dealing with fossil fuels, energy, the healthcare mess or taking action on the tax cuts. Lets get those friggen pirates…


That is the secret of shadow governments, they keep your attention diverted from what they are really out for. The government does not want ISPs or anyone else to monitor the system, they can do it better. Guess it’s time to download that RUSH 2112 album, it’s the Temples of Syrinx, baby.