Anti-Blaxx 1.16 changing drive letters?

Anyone else had Anti-Blaxx 1.16 swap drive letters around?

Originally I had my drive letters as: C,D,E,F (all HD), G,H (DVD) and finally I (HD). After running Anti-blaxx a few times my drives are now C,D,E,F,G (all HD) and H,I (DVD) which has screwed up running programs on G,H and I!!

I can re-map them back with Disk Manager, but why the hell do they get changed in the first place?

AntiBlaxx deletes some registry keys that refer to the emulation software, virtual drives included. If it doesn’t restore them before you restart your PC, that’s what is happening. I think device manager recognizes the virtual drives upon startup as new ones, and reasigning drive letters.You should try having your virtual drives at the bottom, the last letters, maybe it should prevent swaping them again. Anyway, the solution is to correctly set the options in AntiBlaxx, and that is to have him restore the registry after the game exists. That has to be done for every game, in part.
I think you can forget about AntiBlaxx, there’s a new small tool now called SR7_STOP, which explicitly states that the restoration has to be done before existing windows. I’ve tried this tool on MotoGP3, Myst V and Total Overdose and it works flawlessly.

Funny you should mention SR7 Stop! I just installed Anti-Blaxx 1.17 and that has the same SR7 Stop program installed in the folder but no reference to it what it is or how to use?

Anyway, I just tried it by hiding my virtual drives and exiting the program then mounting a self made image of Total Overdose in Daemon and it works :slight_smile:

If it could be made to accept parameters it could be useful in a batch file!

Yes, SR7_STOP is in the instalation folder of the new Anti Blaxx 1.17. I didn’t mention that 'cause I downloaded it as a standalone, before downloading 1.17. But 1.17 doesn’t work for me, so I don’t see a point recomending it. Pushing the about buton in SR7_STOP gives you all the information you need.

I have had the same switched drive letter problem… and more.

After having problems trying to use Anti-Blaxx with Alcohol and Daemon I clicked to ‘Restore Important Data’ then uninstalled all three programs. When I tried to delete entries from the Registry I found that all of the Registry Value Data was hidden, although single values could be read by right clicking and selecting ‘Modify’, so the values are there and have not been deleted.
On trying to reinstall Anti_Blaxx I get a message 'Error writing to Registry Key ‘HKLM…\Run. RegSetValueEx failed; code 5. Access denied’.
I continued with the installation and tried the restore process again without success. There is a file named ‘backup.bak’ in the installation directory which presumeably stores the backed up important data. This obviously was removed during the uninstall.
Does anyone have any idea how to ‘unhide’ the hidden values?
I corrected the drive letters using disk management but when I created a virtual drive using Nero it was given a letter but would not accept any images.
What is going on?
The logical step would be to re-install Win XP(SP2) but I would prefer to find the source of the problem and correct it.

I am not looking forward to reinstalling Windows (XPSR2)

Oh, nearly forgot… my CD/DVD writer wouldn’t anymore until I deleted the driver and let windows find it again.

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who think there are two kinds of people in this world… and those who don’t.

The best thing is to install Daemon Tools 3.47, forget DT4 as I read on another forum it stops programs like SR7Stop and virtual CD Hide from working.

Then you can mount any self made image in DT and use either SR7Stop for Securom games or SD4Hider for Safedisc games to hide DT as being a virtual drive.