Anti-banner pop up utility needed



Does any one know where i can get a utility that disables those deadful pop ups, i’ve been to a site where they had a util called “Kill Ad” but the link was dead.

Ch5 Micky


Just avoid sites that have too many pop-ups… If everyone uses anti pop-up software webmasters will find even more annoying ways to show you their ads.


i don’t mind the ads so much it those pages that continuosly open up another window every time you click on the ‘x’ and then you spend the next ten minutes trying in vain to get rid of the bloody open windows.

Ch5 Micky


You can try this little program ‘Netcaptor’.
It uses MSIE for browsing but ‘captures’ all the windows and puts it in TABS, inside the main - browser windows. So all the windows you open don’t clutter your taskbar but appear as little tabs below the window.

Plus, you can tell NetCaptor to close windows even before they appear. You can make a list of the popup-window-URLS so you wont see them anymore. Great App!


PS: take a look at


I use @guard. (Atguard). It is a firewall that can also block ads and popups.
It really works great and saves you lots of time surfing.
After starting to use this firewall a new world opened up to me. Now I can see that ‘people’ (read shitheads) are constantly trying to get on my beloved PC. If you haven’t got a firewall… GET ONE NOW!!!


I don’t like software like @Guard. Almost all free Internet services are paid by showing ads. When everyone uses anti-ad software all free services (like counters, webspace, scripts, webmail, maling lists)will dissapear.


I don’t like software like @Guard. Almost all free Internet services are financed by ads. When everyone starts using anti-ad software these services (like free webspace, counters, webmail, mailing lists and of course most warez/MP3/XXX sites) cannot survive.


You’re right on the banner point.But @guard is most of all a firewall. By the way, I used to have some paybanners on my small site for sometime. I had about 500 visitors on 1 day and about 5 clicks! HaHa, and I am sure they see those banners but are just to lazy to click them. I use the method that when I download something I click their banner.

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I Use pop-up killer. it shoots off all the pop ups you don’t want to see. and you can add new pop-ups all the time