Anthrax found in Microsoft office

I just posted the article Anthrax found in Microsoft office.

Nothing todo with CD-Recording, but I’m very curious about possible reactions on this posting. A lot of our visitors seem to be a little anti-microsoft, but I think this is just a little too…

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I did’nt do it, I swear!! :+

I have to say that living in Israel sure gets you used to it…(Not being safe anymore…)

Biolaogical warfare just sucks. Its not right for people who did nothing wrong to suffer.

Yeah right about that. But the USA will never use Bio weapons. Because of the fact it can get out of control too easy.

We may never use it, but we’ll probable make for other’s to use on us. Now that sux…And that’s probably what happened here.:r

If its not bio-chemicals it would be something else. It’s inevitable the outcome. The pebble has fallen and now the ripple effect has started. :7

I agree with Nuke. The problems is, I reckon other countries are going to join in with the Taliban. The middle easy is a fine line, if the US isn’t careful it’s going to fall onto the talibans side. It’s a war we cant win easily. Huge military brute force Vs. terrorist sneak attacks. It only takes one terrorist with a bomb to kill 100’s of people. It takes 100’s of soldiers to find 1 terrorist on the other hand.

It may not be a terrorist who has done this, but a StarOffice extremist.

what the hell is A “STAROFFICE” extreemist ??? if this is another conspiracy theory about the USA fucking itself over to gain more power over its citizens im going to kill someone. grow up people, we have one enemy, an enemy that doesnt car about innicents nor the repocussions, they are blinded by hate and fury, (not to mention ignorence). fuck the talibans.

Relax Hezzy, I believe Metallian was simply referring to someone who prefers to use the Star Office program (a free rival to Microsofts Office Suite) He’s not referring to any conspiracy theory. Also, as citizens of America or any free/democratic society, what good does it do any of us to promote hatred towards another society or group of individuals by making statements such as “f**k the talibans”? I would say that it is completely counter-productive and only places us at the same level as those targeted. As far as I can see (by reading your comment) the only instance of ignorance here are the comments you have made, completely riddled with spelling errors and ill-truths. Not all people under the taliban regime hate Americans, not all are blinded by hate and fury, and many of them are probably much less ignorant than yourself :slight_smile:

Well, a Microsoft-Office bug more or less, who cares ? ;4