Antenna rotator, clock radio etc. clearance at cc

I’m not sure if anyone ever looks through circuit city’s outlet. Most of it is crap but there are sometimes some great deals.

Here is a 60$ phillips antenna rotator for 20$, still available online (it rang up 16$ instore for me last night with in store pickup).

For all intents and purposes, this is a kind of nice clock radio with remote and a picture frame (not a digital picture frame, just one you insert a picture in) for 7$ (rang up 3.50 instore for me). Its actually a portable dvd player dock but it only works with specific audiovox dvd players (it has a cheap plastic picture frame that docks to fill the hole when a dvd player is not mounted). I got 3 figuring I might be able to tear one apart and figure out the connections to use it with another portable dvd player (has a built in tv tuner and video inputs but you would have to rig it to work with a player or screen first). It does work stand alone as a remote clock radio though.

They also had 48 aa batteries for 4.10. I ordered these too for instore pickup but they didn’t actually have them at the store. I could have really bitched (drove 40 minutes to get to a store that had all the stuff I wanted) but decided not to since I bought them out on the clock radio (dvd dock) when I saw they were 3.50.

They also have some automatic cd cleaners and disk repairers (not a super great price but a little cheaper than retail). I skipped these over as I really didn’t need them (and not cheap enough to get just for the heck of it) but someone else might need them.

There is lots of other stuff (some available for online order, some available at select store for pickup). I find some killer deals in their outlet from time to time, but be careful and checkout what you are going to buy. A lot of it is over priced (normal price or higher) or just crap that wasn’t worth the price in the first place like 50$ rca cables marked down to 10$ (probably worth 3$).

The good old Ham-M’s rotors were/are the only good ones that i ever messed with. Now you can even use them with your pc it seems which is new to me >

[QUOTE=Bob;2050787]The good old Ham-M’s rotors were/are the only good ones that i ever messed with. Now you can even use them with your pc it seems which is new to me >[/QUOTE]

This is the first one I have owned so I really have nothing to compare to. Personally, I plan on rigging it with some sort of indoor setup (I live in an apartment). For the price, I figure its not much to risk.

yeah i messed with rotors and directional antennas as a teenager using CB radios. Not most of my friends that did the same back when have their HAM licenses so i know what is good and bad just by looking at them (well sorta)

Anyway the cheaper ones like the one you bought have lousy breaks, they won’t hold the direction you pointed it to when it’s windy, and in the winter they don’t work for crap. If you read the reviews they say the same so things haven’t changed much in the last 30 yrs with cheap small rotors.

So if you put it in your apt it should be good if it works out of the box.

I hooked it up and manually rotating it (using the remote) seems to work fine. I haven’t tried programing it yet. I’ll need to build an antenna first.

Just an update. the audiovox portable dvd player dock will work as self powered speakers from the rca inputs.

So you get a clock radio/speakers (stereo rca input)/picture frame for 3$ (these functions work without the dvd player docked).