Antec TruePowerTrio 650W PSU for $60 after MIR @ Fry's

For those of you that are like Captain Kirk and “need more power” to your engines, Fry’s offers the Antec TruePowerTrio 650W Power Supply for $59.99 after a $40 MIR with free shipping.

Although 650 watts may sound absurd to some, I recently paid $50 for a 500 watt Antec True Power 2.0 so an extra $10 for this superior energy efficient PSU isn’t out of line.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, Newegg is charging $110 for this PSU after a $20 MIR but they are charging $8.02 for shipping!

Also at Fry’s is the Antec P150 case with a 430 watt NEO HE Energy Efficient PSU for $60 after a $50 MIR with free shipping.

For those risk takers among us, ZipZoomFly has the Coolmax V-500 500 watt PSU for $2 after a $28 rebate with free shipping.

Just as I was getting ready to order the Antec TruePowerTrio they dropped the free shipping. That sucks. :a

Free shipping is back (as of 5:40 PM CST)! Dang…so tempting…even though I have the Corsair 620-W already. This is cheaper than what I paid for the TP2.0 550-W before.

In for one with free shipping. :clap:

I bought the TP-II 550W in June 2006 for $80. It’s rock solid and quite.

This 650W for $60 is very tempting… :smiley:
It’s pretty new product, any review on this?

There are quite a few reviews out there, all indicating pretty good quality. From what I’ve read before, it’s actually built by Seasonic. The only negatives, as with all Antec PSU, are: no distinguishable paint finish and not all cables are sleeved.

True, this PSU does NOT have cable management like the Antec Smart Power 2.0 500 so some may have diffuculty cramming all of the excess cabling in their cases if they don’t have enough room.

Soo tempting, my Antec True 550 (old version not TP) still cranks out the power so I
hate to replace it yet but for that price…

I’ve managed to sleeve all the power cables, except for SATA ones since the end connectors seem like they are sealed. Here’s my TP2.0 550 crammed in a 900 with 8 optical drives. I had to solder on 3 more 4-pin molex connectors since it originally only had 5, and removed the 2 FDD plugs. The Trio 650 can’t be any worse. :smiley:

The PSU came in today. It’s pretty heavy. Right off the bat there are two things I don’t like about it.

  1. There is no cable management. This is one of the features of the Smart Power 2.0 500 that I like. And…

  2. although the fan is truly huge and will no doubt push quite a bit of air through the unit, it is on the bottom of the PSU. This means that this style of PSU is not well suited to my Antec P180 case. That’s really no big deal as I plan to use one of my Smart Power 2 500’s in the P180 anyway, but a certain degree of portability would be nice.

Nice job on the sleeves KTL. I pm’ed you about them.

DM, PM returned. I’ve yet to receive mine. I thought all larger fan-based PSU have the fan mounted downward, since it sucks the air up (or down) and out of the case. I didn’t realize the P180 doesn’t “invert” the PSU mounting holes like most bottom-mounted cavities.

It might. The case is out in the garage waiting for me to gut my backup system and put this new PSU and x2 4800+ into it.

It would probably work fine in the P180 but since the PSU is in it’s own chamber there isn’t as much room for air flow like if the PSU were exposed to the rest of the inside of the case. Thus I’m going to just use a SP 2.0.

I have an older Antec full tower (1040tx I believe) that I’m going to put this new one in. It’ll work beautifully in that.

I bought 500w Antec SmartPower from Fry’s $50 with no rebate required.

I got the PSU 2 days ago and finally got the cables sleeved, except for the SATA ones.



KTL, I did some googling and found a couple of places locally that sell TechFlex braided sleeving. Thanks for the tip on that.

Parts Express also sells it in smaller quantities for reasonable prices. They have the kind that can be cut with a blade or a hot knife. It is also available at some scuba shops.

I found it kind of odd that this PSU has only 6 molex connectors for hard drives and optical drives. I’m going to have to do some soldering to get this thing up standards! :slight_smile: But for now a Y adapter is working just fine.