Antec tower case for 25$ after rebate, compusa



Compusa has an antec cs600 for 55$ with a 20$ rebate. I went and picked one up and the rebate came up as 30$!!! I asked them about it and they said if thats what prints up then thats what you will get!!! 35$ was a pretty good price, 25$ is even beter. I only looked at it briefly in the store (and havent opened the one I just got yet) but it basically looks the same as my antec plusview except no window. It is an older discontinued case but for 25$ you cannot beat it. I wonder if they will try to fight over the 10$ on the rebate. Maybe it was the ad that was a misprint?

By the way, does anybody know what the diffrence is suposed to be between these and the newer cases? I opened it up and it looks identical to my performance plusview 1000amg case (except no window and black instead of grey).