Antec Sonata II and NEO PSU deals at Frys with free shipping



Firstly, the Antec Sonata II case with 450 watt Smart Power 2 PSU for $40 shipped after a $50 mail in rebate.

Secondly, the Antec NEO HE 550 watt PSU for $50 shipped after a $30 mail in rebate.


Nice find. Thanks!


Yo Doc-

Excellent find!!! Especially the psu-eh!


Thanks. Yeah, I recently paid about $55 after taxes and MIR for an Antec 500 watt Smart Power 2.0. I’d much rather have one of these NEO jobs. It’s tempting to get one, but I already have a couple of spare PSUs.

I’ve read theese are made by Seasonic. Can anyone verify that?


Can’t verify that they are Seasonic made, but my Neo 480w has been rock stable for about 5 months now. Need to upgrade for a little more capability though, I have a SATA drive without power right now cause of lack of connectors/PSU plugins :frowning: .


Considering having luck with $50 rebate then the deal is real good one the power supply itself cost more than $50.


Found another case deal at Fry’s. This one is for the Antec P180 black case and it may or may not be available at your local store so check your local paper. It is NOT available online.

Cost is $80 after a $40 MIR. There is no power supply in this chassis but the Antec NEO in the OP would fit the bill nicely.

Price Good from Friday, Jan 19, 2007 through Tuesday, Jan 23, 2007

I have one of these cases and they are a nice case although perhaps a little pricey. The only flimsy part is the front panel/door. The rest is pretty well thought out.


The Antec P180 case is listed in the sales circular for Fry’s in Houston.


Such a shame there are no good deals like this in the uk :frowning: i could do with one of those psu’s for my partners pc :wink:



After thinking over the Antec Neo HE550W power supply for only [B]$50 [/B] shipped (after mail in rebate) and all the features ([I]three[/I] 12 volt rails, PFC and cable management) - I just pulled the trigger and got me one this afternoon-

By the way - Newegg is selling this [B]very same [/B] power supply for [B]$110 [/B] plus [B]$8[/B] shipping here:

So that shows you what a great deal this really is at less than [I]half[/I] of the Newegg price-eh!


Umm, your logical thinking (when did that start, btw? :stuck_out_tongue: ) coerced me into to buying one. Thanks Mike!



Should know that I have random thoughts - other than Thongs - Rima and Taiyo Yuden - occasionally-eh! :iagree: :iagree:


Received my rebate check for the PSU on Monday. :clap:



Got mine yesterday-eh! :bigsmile: :iagree: :iagree: