Antec SmartPower 500W $46 - no rebates



This isn’t the greatest deal, but I was looking for a solid power supply and this was the best deal I could come up with.

First off, if you have a credit card, it won’t work.

The cheapest I could find this power supply was through for $63 w/ free shipping. I was okay with that price, and when I went to check out, it said I could save 30% if I signed up for a credit card. So I did, and the total came to $45.47. Maybe someone else can use this deal…

Antec SmartPower 500W


I don’t mind if its a good deal and the products on sale, but the last thing I would cheap out on is a PSU. I would look into a Fortron or a Seasonic, maybe a little more money but way more dependable.


Newegg’s ratings (not that I base anything off of that, just stumbled across it and thought it was interesting) has this power supply 5 *s and Fortron’s 500w model 5 *s, and Seasonic’s 4 *s. The Seasonic is $130 on there, the Fortron is $90, the Antec is $70. I’ve always heard that Antec isn’t a “cheap” power supply. The only negative things I hear about them is from bandwagoners of other brands, like the ones you mentioned…


Antec is the only PSU that I would buy, simply because I have never had a problem with one. I know that they used to be problematic, but they have upped their quality standards and control the past few years. I had an Antec in my last PC, 2 in my current one (first one I broke the MB power connector), and I’ll probably get an Antec Neo when I build my next PC (X2 cpu).


Thats good to know because the last one I bought from Curcuit City was DOA and I took it back the same day, but as you said that was over a year ago and maybe they have become better since then, I spent a little more on a 600W Seasonic and I couldn’t be happier, very quiet and runs cool.


Seems like the price on this is 64.95 unless you use the visa (which knocks it down to ~$46).

I have this exact PSU, and I haven’t had a problem with it. I don’t really know how to judge if a power supply is good or not but has been good to me. It has a modular design (you plug/unplug in what power cables you need to prevent clutter), and the cables are sleeved already.

I got a much hotter deal than this though: Frys $55 before tax in store with $40 Antec Rebate. :smiley: Also, I got a lower-end Antec case with Antec 350W PSU for the exact price and with the same rebate. $110+tax-$80 (rebates) = 39.95 after tax for two PSU’s and a case. :clap:


I have the same “Power Suply” with Antec Full Tower case I bought few months ago from Fry’s which was on sale for $99.99.This deal concerning only power supply is not attactive at all.


hmmm $30 credit card??? This is even worse than rebates. Amazon offers the same thing, $30 off if open a credit card, OP are you working for and trying to advertise credit card??


First off, how is this worse than a rebate, I’m gonna get charged $45 straight up, how could that possibly be worse than a rebate. Second, no I don’t work for or any relation to them. I work in an IT department in a fairly small company in Ohio. The card has no annual fee and when I get it, I’ll shred it or bury it in my wallet and never use it. I didn’t see a down side to signing up for a new credit card to save $20 on the lowest price I could find online anyways and I thought others might feel the same way…


Just remember having inactive credit card in your profile does more harm in your credit fating background than not having it at all. Today Fry’s has Antec Case with Antec 350 Watts PS on sale for only $24.99.


i sign up for credit cards to get discounts all the time…it really isn’t good for your credit though.

don’t just shove it in your wallet when you get it…if you really don’t need it or don’t want to use it then definitely cancel it. as has already been stated, an inactive credit card reflects poorly on your credit score.


You are a Marketing Department’s dream…

Key to financial independence: Spend less than you earn. Save and invest the difference. Do it for a long time. Repeat if necessary…


I completely agree with pipemanid, signing up for a credit card to save $20 is ridiculous. The only way can see doing it is if you are buying a $3000 TV or expensive appliance, and it saves you an extra 10% with 3 years no interest financing or something along those lines. However, walking around with 15 open credit accounts, or even rapidly opening and closing accounts, will end up costing you a lot more in the form of higher interest rates due to lower credit scores in the long run, than the $20 or $30 it saves you when you open up a new card. I would recommend looking for mail-in rebates or some other way to save money as opposed to signing up for a credit card!


Thank you for your support in bringing sanity to the masses…but it may be too late. Consumer credit card debt is continuing to climb and shows no signs of abating…

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