Antec slot fan, 2$ + shipping



micro center has the antec cyclone pci slot fan on sale in their ad for 2$!!! So far as I can tell, they can be ordered for delivery if there is not a micro center near you. Shipping is 6$ for one plus 1$ for each additional one (to my area code any way). I didn’t complete an order for shipping (just checked shipping), so if there are any issues at later in the order process for shipping, sorry. I live near a micro center so I have never tried to order an ad itet for shipping. Fyi if you live in the Dallas area, sorry, no in store pickup at the Richardson store right now (I got the last 5, lol). I may get a couple more at the price if they come back into stock. They said they may get more before the ad ends (its either the 27th or 28th). If you live near a store and select in store pickup, it will tell you how many the store has before you complete the order.
Fyi you can view their ad online. You might want to check out their flash drives and sd cards. They have 8GB flash drives for 25$ and 8GB class 6 sd cards for 27$, plus some brand ones for a little more. I have bought the smaller versions of their store brand cards/flash drives and they are pretty good (and decently fast). They also have smaller and larger ones.