Antec SLK-1650 case $9.99 shipped AR (Fry's)

As stated, Antec SLK-1650 case, $9.99 shipped after rebate.

Geeze, it dropped from $69.99 less a $50 rebate to $59.99 less the $50 rebate as I was typing this!

Comes with a rather modest 350W power supply, but it seems like a decent case. It lists on Newegg for $59.99 and seems to be a solid case, as you’d expect from Antec.

I used the same case to build a friends machine. Well worth $10!

You can’t beat that mid size case with 350W power suplly is steal deal.

Got 1!!! Thanks!

This is a great case and power supply. Not really enough power for today’s systems but a good for replacing a power supply in an old system.


It is good case for building a system with light usage like internet browsing, data processing and accounting purposes.

It came today, looks good!! The rebate form will be in the mail tomorrow :smiley:

Just thought I’d mention it was a mini tower and marked on the box mini tower that was delivered, though it was marked as mid tower on the website

Will it fit a full size ATX board or only a mini?

It’ll take a full ATX mobo