Antec Performance One P280 enclosure review



I just posted the article Antec Performance One P280 enclosure review.

All PC builds should start with a good quality PC enclosure,
and in this review I will be taking a look at the Antec Performance One P280.
The P280 is aimed at the professional home/soho user.

Let’s see how it performs.

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Great case , I know someone that just put a 3770K build in one and said its so quiet you can barely know the computer is running. I like it.


Nice chassis, great review as always, thanks Dee


Great review Dee

And for only $120.00 at the Egg a great buy also


Great review, covering points useful to me, and excellent photog.

I’d disagree that “not including power-supply” is a con - ever look at cheapo cases with a ‘350w’ power-supply and wonder why you’re paying for it to be shipping around, AND then discarding it into YOUR landfill instead of leaving it in China? For me, “no PSU included” is always a plus, therefore.

I hate doors on cases. And I hate the cutey little rubberized hole-covers for cable-hiders, but I’m not a fan of holes anyway. I prefer a motherboard tray that’s cut at the front edge of the MB so a wide open area exists for getting to SATA pedestals (another item I loathe) for easy multi-drive plugs and un-plugs.

Antec maintains its great spacing for those multiple drives, though, with enough air-flow space between drives.

Thanks for the excellent review and all the time and attention - your work makes it so easy to evaluate these products.


Will have to agree with the door part :iagree: ,since I got my NZXT 375 I have not gotten another one with a door. :disagree:

This one has even got more room than my Ultra M923’s, :iagree: this looks like my next case :bigsmile:

After I take off the door.


Here’s a specific compliment about Dee’s photog choices, by the way.

Here’s her photog of the case’s motherboard-tray area:

Of particular note - at the top-middle position of the motherboard, there’s a screwhole for the screw next to every motherboard’s RAM slot handles.

Some case-makers have mashed this upper edge of a motherboard into fans or the top of the case itself - and this one screw becomes most difficult to insert ‘straight’ - and everyone knows how FUN it is to do maintenance with crooked threadings. Some cases FORCE that on us, practically.

This above photog, however, shows us that THIS case makes all the screws for the motherboard easily accessible.

Now, here’s a bad example…here’s one for a Thermaltake VL84 case. (NewEgg has a better straight-on unangled photo, but you can extrapolate the positioning of this case’s top-middle screwhole:

This case jams that screwhole UNDER the lip of the case’s side-panel railing. And if you have one of those 2-inch long screwdrivers, you’re still going to be jamming your twisting fingers against the top edge of the case.

While this photo isn’t great, I gain even more appreciation for Dee’s choices of photogs.

Much thanks… it’s probably a small thing to you now, but I really appreciate well-chosen review photos.