Antec P182 Case for $45 Shipped AR

$50 rebate, pay up front $94.99 - $50 MIR with free shipping

Nice, a friend of mine needs a case and this fits his price range and needs.

Your link went to “your cart” but I just searched for it and found it.

BUT now it seems to be totally gone from the site!!

I ordered one this morning after seeing this deal on another site. But I just received an email canceling my order.

Due to overwhelming demand or insufficient availability from
our supplier(s) we are unable to fulfill your entire order.
Please note the item(s) listed below have been removed from
your order because it is no longer available.

I was contemplating on this case too since I used to have the P180. But with my experience with P180, I dont like the power supply compartment because some power supplies do not have cable long enough to reach the motherboard. And the power supply compartment is kinda tight and it only fits standard size power supply. You cannot squeeze in the Antec Quadro 850W or 1000W power supply without removing the lower fan. And thus I did not get one.