Antec P180 case $80 after $40 MIR with free shipping

The P180 is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in case design. Dual chambers isolate the power supply and CPU into separate cooling zones with up to 5 configurable fans. Three-layer sound-deadening panels dampen noise even in very high-performance systems. Ease-of-use, sleek design and Antec’s reputation for quality make the P180 worthy of being the first in a new category we call the Advanced Super Mid Tower.

I paid $90 for mine a few months ago but there was no rebate.



Rebate PDF:

I have one of these cases but haven’t built a system around it yet. I’ve read where some of the earlier models had problems with the front and side doors warping. This has been corrected on newer models. I have no way of knowing if this is an older or newer model so you may want to contact customer service if you are considering a purchase.

Because of the dual chamber the PSU is in an odd spot at the bottom of the case. If your PSU has a fan on the bottom it may obstruct air flow. I suggest a PSU that has a fan on the back and one on the opposite side, such as the Antec Smart Power 2.0 500 watter also on sale at Fry’s…

I’ve built 5 systems using this case. I had made promises to build these for friends, which I wish I hadn’t after building the first one. The wiring was a pain in the a$$$$!! Even after doing 5 and getting my routing [I]somewhat normalized[/I], it was a chore because each power supply’s cable length’s were different requiring different paths. Here is a link to a review about the assembly/wiring issue.

One other thing… You have to be careful when putting in [B]all 4 lower drives[/B] during the build, you need to orient the drives properly or you won’t be able to connect them all.

All things considered, if you really need a case that’s built to be quiet, go for it. I’m avoiding it.

Cable management in the new versions is dramatically improved. There’s about an inch of standoff room behind the mobo shield and cutouts to route cables back to the front side connectors. They even include a dozen or so reusable plastic tie downs to route the cables. In my P180B, I don’t even use the main ‘door’ for any attached cables.

Just get a black one to make sure you get the new design.