Antec P180 $69 AR @Fry's

One day only :slight_smile:

I recently bought this case for $90 with no rebates and free shipping so this is an excellent deal, provided the rebate arrives. In a previous thread Furballi stated they wouldn’t be surprised if these P180 cases started showing up at around $60. They were right!
$40.00 Mail in Rebate valid from 2006-11-17 to 2006-11-23
Limit 1 per Household

The silver one is $80 AR:

does anyone know if this is also in store at this price?? I allways go aroud my b-day & its comming up.I know it is a one day sale but you never know,or i could go earler for a deal.(does anyone here me convincing myself!!) ha,ha