Antec P180 $100 shipped one day only

Fry’s has the Antec P180 mid-tower case in black for $99.99 with free shipping for one day only. No rebates involved.

They also have the Ultra V Series 500W Power Supply for free after rebate with free shipping. These aren’t as nice as their X-Finity PSU’s but they’re probably fine for a kid’s computer that doesn’t have the typical number of optical drives as Club CDFreaks members. :smiley:

Tell me about it. Learned the hard way that the cheap cheap power supplies screw up your machine. I now have a True Power series Antec 430W PSU in mine and couldn’t be happier. :smiley:

My PC is powered by a supercrap PSU that costs 8 $ :a

I need a good PSU but can’t find any here in Egypt , third world countries suck , big time :sad:

You may be able to get it from e-bay?

Why can’t your US friend who sends you media pick up a quality PSU for you?

Update! Price dropped to $90 for either the silver or black P180 case…

Edit: Seems as though the web site is not up to date. I added one to my cart and it showed shipping as $13.77. It’s supposed to have free ground shipping. At least it does at this moment in time.

Update: Silver is now $119 + sh

A good-looking, big, quiet case, well worth $120. Built like a tank. [Weighs like one too.]

Very Nice Case, Very Elaborate Design to allow heat disipation, very nice looking case too, but the price has gone up to $119.99

He is my brother , not a friend :bigsmile:
And you know what ?! you just reminded me of that coz I only ask him for media , it is an excellent idea to ask him for a quality PSU , I forgot all about it .

Thanks man :smiley:

[B]The P180 deal is back! [/B] :clap:

$90 with free shipping and [B]no[/B] rebates (best part). 1 day only. 1 per customer.



Deal is now over. I snagged one earlier today (Oct 26th) for $95.39 shipped after sales taxes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this one again just like with the Seagate 400GB hard drives at Fry’s and the ~$30 optical drives at Newegg.

$90 for a case is not my cup of tea. I’ve build a few of those units. The front door is just okay. Cable routing can be an issue since the PSU is at the bottom of the case. I suspect we will see a $50-$60 clearance on the P180 this year. Finally, this is not a very quiet case if you run all the fans.

The $50 SLK3000B is a much better deal with two 120 x 38 low speed Panaflos.

Compared to NewEgg’s sale price of $125 shipped, Fry’s $90 is a good deal. I’ll keep my eyes open for a clearance on these as I’d like to get a second one.

I dont mean to go off topic but I think we will all see the hard drive ad soon…except that it may be a 500gig for that price…since the 500 and 750 gig will have increased production soon. By thanksgiving, we should have 500 gigs around $130 (maybe lesser) and 750 gigs around $180 (maybe lesser) which are both not bad.

So the 400 gig for <100 will be sold at some retailers soon. We already have the 320 gig at newegg for $94. Won’t be long before they start selling the 400 gig flavor.

That SLK3000 gets mediocre reviews on NewEgg. Have you read them?

So you believe the stuffs on Newegg? 72% @ 5 *****. The MORON with the 1 star said he couldn’t turn on the PC with all stand-offs installed. Do you think this idiot was shorting the MB to ground? So why is this the fault of the case?

Have you owned the SLK3000B?

It seems the black Antec P180 is on backorder but you may be able to get it for $90 with free shipping. Web site states to call for availability.

Note: The silver P180 is still $120 with free shipping.

Call 1-877-688-7678 for Availability

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