Antec p160 opinion

I am considering buying this case, here is a link:

Any opinions, cons or pros, I would like to hear.

I currenty have the superflower case here:

I think 2 - 120mm fans would be a nice change and produce less noise whilst at the same time peovide enough ventilation as my case now does with 6 - 80mm fans.

Wow, they’re using the insides from the Sonata in everything they make now. Well, I don’t like the drive covers - I’ll take a door any day. But that’s more opinion.

Made from recycled fighter jets.
Why? Does this save money or cost money?

Umm, I don’t think, at least hope those aren’t drive covers. I hate all drive covers. From the mechanical drawing, it seems like the face will not be overtaken by covers. I suspect they may have those there for show. But I will call and find out first. hey I think its cool to say its Made from recycled fighter jets. I mean cmon.

I was more interested in the design, see if anyone catches any flaws. Aesthetic appeal is not a top priority right now.

Yep, has face plates, darn.

Also, out of stock everywhere i looked so far, and a bit pricey.