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External enclosures are a handy way to connect a hard disc drive to a computer through the USB or firewire port and, recently, also through the e-SATA port.The Antec MX-1 enclosure supports up to…

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It looks better than most. If it had an internal power supply I would buy one.

Internal power? Please further explain. Also, what other alternative enclosures that are comparable to this?

This one like most, has a power “brick” in the middle of the cord. So when you carry it from one place to another you have to carry (or drag) that thing too. I have some Plumax 5 1/4 inch enclosures that have the power supply inside the enclosure. These use the same power cord as a computer. I have those cords all around so when I want to transport the drive I just need to carry the drive. Unfortunately these Plumax enclosures are only for PATA drives. The only other enclosures that I am familiar with that are comparable to the Antec are some AMS Venus enclosures I have. They also have a big slow turning fan that aren’t real loud. Not really quiet though. The AMS fans don’t move much air, but I guess they do the job. And they have those damned cords with the power brick in the middle. Anyway I love the ease of carrying and storing the Plumax enclosures but now I’m spoiled.

Apricorn drive bays are alot like this one, in the fact that they also have the bottom slim fan. There are several companies rebranding them too. Apricorn may not be the original manufacturer, but that’s how I know of them - I’m referring to the “EZ BUS DT” series of backup drive bays. They are quite heavy, made of metal, and not designed to be mobile, much like some of LaCie’s drive bays. I’ve sold several of the DTS drive bays and they’re solid. The old models used to include an SATA PCI card with an external SATA I (1.5Gbps) port, but the newer ones have eSATA (3.0Gbps), and the REALLY, REALLY brand new models come with both eSATA and USB. Ever since they moved to eSATA, they stopped including the PCI SATA cards with them. I’d say the Antec one looks promising though. As far as an internal power supply goes, most companies would rather sell you a smaller enclosure with the external supply, because internal ones generate more heat that has to be directed away from the hard drive, and with hard drives over 500GB, it can be a big problem. I used to have 3 identical models of ADS Tech drive bays and one had an internal supply, but it added a good 1.5" onto the length of the bay and was also much heavier.

Steve and Waehorn, Thank you for your thought on these subjects. That ought to give me something to think about for the moment. Bestwishes