Antec Earthwatts



Microcenter is having a sale on computer parts. They have an Antec 380watt “Earthwatts” unit on sale for $47.99.

Does anyone have experience with the Earthwatts model??

I’ve heard that Antec’s are good, but it seems like the Earthwatts is a new type of power supply that minimizes output when not needed. Just curious to see if it’s all marketing, or a good unit.


Well, all that is new about them is that they are 80 Plus Certified. 80+:

The 80 PLUS® performance specification requires power supplies in computers and servers to be 80% or greater energy efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or greater. This makes an 80 PLUS® certified power supply substantially more efficient than current power supplies and creates a unique market differentiation opportunity for power supply and computer manufacturers.

I think that is it. It’ll give you 324W on the 12V+ combined, which is actually really good for a 380W PSU. 324W is like the rating on a 400W or a 500W PSU.



I’d save my money for a Seasonic S12 380W or 430W, it quieter (120mm fan) and has a better airflow. You can find both models over at Newegg.
It also has a high effiency rating.


The new antecs are supposed to have a new better oem (cannot recall of the top of my head who). The older models are decent but had problems with caps bloating and leeking due to heat (not enough air flow is what most people seem to think the cause is).
The seasonic is defanatlly better if you want to spend the bucks but antecs are still good.

On a side note, can anyone recall who the oem is for the new antec models? I cannot remember and its kind of bugging me…


Check out this website for some info on Antec power supplies.

I have had 3 Antec PSU’s with exactly the same problem (2x warranty). I’m never buying an Antec again…


I think that the reason that many consider them good is that they are decent built and a new power supply usually tests out very well, even under full load. they also work just fine for many people (though plenty have also had them prematurely die) The problem is that antec seems to think that power supply’s must be as silent as possible. the fans run to slow and do not speed up till the power supply gets way to hot. Regardless of your computers case temperature, the power supply’s own heat kills the caps. I have to wonder if the reason that none of mine have died, is I usually run positive case pleasure. By that I mean that more fans are blowing in than out. I do it so that the extra air gets out through cracks (like around pci slots, optical drives), so that they get a little air flow, but I imagine that some goes through the power supply to, and maybe that little bit of extra cooling is enough.

I did find out for sure that they have changed oem’s on at least some of the new power supplies. they have been using channel well, but at least some of the new ones are confirmed to have been built by seasonic (I think it is the trio and neo that have been confirmed to be so). Keep in mind that means, they will have similar design to seasonic, but will not nesasarilly have the same quality of components the actual seasonic branded ones have. I would suspect that they are decent quality, but I wonder if they will stick to this, they must be silent no matter how hot they get approach. If they do, it could kill the new ones too.
On a side note, from what I have been told, if you feel like modding it, you can bridge the temp sensor and they will run the fans faster.

Just a disclaimer, this is what I have been led to believe from other forums, though I personally only own 4 antec power supplies and have installed a handfull for others.


“As silent as possible”? Then why are they using 80 mm fans?
In general the PSUs in Antec Sonata seems to have poor reliability which is a Truepower PSU afaik.
I would save my money and get a Seasonic PSU but thats just me =)


I meant more in respect to the temperature/fan speed control with the statement “As silent as possible”. I have yet to see the fans in any of my antecs do anything but run at minimum speed. I have not seen any of them speed up even slightly, not even once. If nothing else, I would like it to run faster so it can act as another case fan to increase air flow. I did some searching on overclocking sites a while back, and found several people had cliped and bridged the temp sensor to speed the fans up, as they wont do it themselves till things are too hot.
As far as what to buy, I would rather get an enermax or fortron than an antec. I would rather have a seasonic than any of those, but seasonic’s are a lot more expensive so I guess it depends what you want to spend. I have the antec’s that I own because they were cheap or came with a case. I have an sl400 (that was about 20$ after rebate, 2 430 watt true powers that were 29$ ea on clearance, and a sl350 blue that came with a super lanboy on clearance for 43$). I just couldn’t resist the price as I had thought them good. I didn’t know about the problem with the caps at the time, but so far so good. Voltages are stable but I have to wonder if air pressure from the other fans cooled them enough to keep them alive.

Well just have to wait and see how the seasonic built models turn out.