Antec 900 case $65 after $25 MIR at CompUSA


#1 has the Antec Nine Hundred ATX Ultimate Gamer Tower Case for $90 - $25 rebate [Exp 2/13] = $65, with free shipping on $150 orders. Or pick up at your local store to save delivery charges. OOS in Indianapolis, BTW.

Case at CompUSA:

Rebate ends 2/13/17:

Newegg charges $156 + $16 for shipping for this same case. :eek:


  • Two 120mm TriCool blue LED front fans to cool hard disk drives
  • Unique Top mounted 200mm TriCool exhaust fan to cool the hottest system
  • Optional middle 120mm fan bracket to cool the hottest graphic cards or CPU
  • Flexible 5.25 bay configuration


I have this case, got it earlier on deal for 79, it is agood case, great airflow…
very configurable also…get it while u can at this price guys…


Looks like a awesome case for uber geeks like us who like to cram every toy they can in it. I got a stacker recently and its quieter then the loudest hard drive I have going even with the included 120’s and everything else going. This is a very similar design in a lot of ways so thats a smokin deal I think for another great, quiet, cool running case. If I hadn’t gotten this one that would be on my list of the next Uber case for me.


Do the side panels seem sturdy? One of the reviews I read stated that the side panels are flimsy.


Having newegg as fairly good base price then the price offered at Compusa is very good price for this case, very good comparison thanks Doctor Morbius.


The Antec 900 übergeek case is on sale this week at Fry’s for $60 after a $40 MIR. No free shipping though. Shipping is only $8.10 to my house, YMMV.

Rebate 2/16/07 - 2/22/07:

If you ask me I think the deal was sweeter last week at CompUSA for $65 after a $25 MIR provided you could pick the item up locally.


Antec is pretty good on their MIR plus you might try to buy it at Fry’s store if you have one near by and pay no shipment.


sorry dude, missed this post.
the side panels are fine. you will like, i mean love this case, especially forthe money. Hard to beat.


Thanks. I’ll see if I can pick one up locally at Fry’s provided they match their online prices.


Don’t be surprised if Fry’s won’t go for price match, but I have price matched Compusa with Fry’s sales prices.