Antec 500W PSU Smartpower 2.0 $29.99 AR

No free shipping. What do you think?

Nice PS, only 1 pci-e power connector, not enough juice for SLI or Crossfire config, only use 80mm fans, want bigger slower spinning fans for lower db

I went back and read some of the reviews on the egg. It seems the Smartpower 2.0 doesn’t last too long :frowning: 6months to a year and sometimes it took the mobo and other things with it. Also seen reviews listing a high pitch squeal :frowning: again

The SmartPower 2.0 power supply is one of the best Antec PS products line, I have had it for little less than 2 years and the performance is excellent as far as I am concern.

TCAS thanks for the input!! Thats what I thought! I was suprised with some of the reviews on the egg. Maybe they got PSUs that were made on a Monday after the worker had a crazy and wild weekend. I might give it a shot and keep my fingers crossed. Got about $70 worth of rebates out there already.

BTW; I bought and have the same power supply you have from Fry’s ad, I got it for $50 on sale with no MIR. My son got the same one but 550W from CUSA for $90 and he is heavy gamer with latest PC component he built. .

Been using a 400W SP 2.0 (not modular) for about a year without problems, runs very cool and quiet. I don’t have a system with heavy graphics or multiple drives though.

One odd thing is when I attach the connector for fan RPM measurement, the fan seems to go to max. speed and it is noisy. So I’m not using that and all is well. :slight_smile:

This is strainged have you tried to contact Antec Tech Support to find out why the PS is doing that?.

I put a box together using the Ultra V 500W PSU, it’s a SanDiego 4000+ 1GB RAM 7200RPM Ultra 133 boot drive, OC’d right now to 2.8GHz and has trouble booting sometimes above that with the 12V at 11.78V. Runs F@H 24/7 grreat at 100% CPU usuage.
Only 1 DVD drive and 1 HDD right now but want to add another DVD drive and some HDDs. I dunno maybe a bigger than 500W PSU?

Nah, I don’t really care about the RPM, as long as I don’t hear it :slight_smile: . I suspect something’s wired wrong, but I really can’t be bothered as it works fine otherwise.

You can add me to the list of people that have had an antec just up an die on them. It happened a few weeks ago on a power supply that had only been in use for about a week. It was a smart power by the way. I have used other antec power supplies without any problems though including a very old sl400 that has gotten several years of use and still works. The problem with antecs isn’t that they are not built well. the problem is that they run the fans too slow to be quite, and the heat kills the capacitors. I have to wonder if load on the power supply and thus generated heat, room and computer temp, and air flow in the computer (your case fans might be pushing a little extra air out through the power supply) are some of the factors that make some die early and others last forever? I have had a few people recommend modding them to increase fan speed, but of course that voids warranty.

it is kinda hard to say, this PS is mediocre in term of power for power hungry graphic card s that we see launching lately. High failure rate might be overloading the PS since most people use this for power hungry video card and high power CPUs. I say 500 watts is sufficient for core 2 duo processor and may be midrange graphic card (single card). For high end graphic card and SLI or Crossfire, you need at least 600 to 700 watts

@ghetocowboy - I’m running a MSI PCIe 256MB (64MB onboard) with just a HS no fan

@ripit - sorry to hear yours went so early and hopefully it didn’t take anything with it. I think I’ll pass on this one.

then you have plenty of power for your system

If you play heavy gaming and have power hunger Video card then 500 watts power supply is justifyable to have. Enen for video editing is good to have 500W one subject that the unit come for good cooling fan…

well, one hungry video, then this PS can handle it. But if you do SLI or crossfire config, then you will notice that this video card will struggle.

But with a single video card, midrange video card, then you have plenty of buffer

What’s an acceptable low end voltage on a single !2V rail PSU? I got the Ultra V 500W showing 11.78V in Everest.

11.78 volts is not a problem. What you need to be concerned with is the voltage regulation, that is, how much does the voltage drop as the load goes up. Start encoding a video, reading from one hard drive and writing to a second, and see how much the voltage drops.

I have Ultra Infinity 600Watts, Free after rebate almost 2 yrs ago, running E6400 @ 3.7Ghz, 7800GT Video card, 4 HDDs and 3 Optical drives, run very stable, just that the voltage never get to 12V and thats kinda bother me, it always hovering at 11.6 to 11.78 v. I should get a better PS soon before that PS fry my system

Thanks Henry - I think I seen 11.4 is the low end? I don’t think I ever saw mine at 12V either. I’m still putting the box together, right now only 1 HDD and DVD burner. But its runs F@H 24/7 with a AMD4000+ OCd to 2805MHz on ASUS A8N5X but above that and it sometimes hangs up booting at the ASUS screen.

@cowboy - I think we all got in on the recent freeeeeeee Ultra V :clap: